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August 8, 2019 By Corey Spears

Twenty-four percent of hospital personnel report using a recalled or expired product on a patient. Fifty-seven percent report not having a needed product for a procedure.

These are some astonishing numbers reported by doctors, nurses, and supply chain administrators when asked about their experience at their organization. More shockingly, 18 percent reported a patient was harmed by not having the right supplies at the right time.

That has to change.

I recently held a webinar on Clinical Bridge 19.1. As part of Infor CloudSuite Healthcare, and built with the Infor Cloverleaf engine, this latest version of Clinical Bridge builds on the core, managed integration service to include contract management, check issuance, and technical upgrades.

If you are not familiar with Clinical Bridge, it is an interoperability solution that breaks down traditionally siloed, batched information across operational and clinical systems – and even across disparate vendors. In the webinar I discussed how Clinical Bridge can be used to optimize the supply process, and provide value across the organization. Specifically, I discussed how it:

  • Reduces supply costs
  • Automates resupply and reordering
  • Ensures that the right supplies reach clinicians where and when needed

With those kinds of efficiencies, clinicians and other bedside caregivers have more time for patient care, while organizational leaders are empowered with real-time insights into supplies, revenues, and expenses.

During the webinar, we covered several benefits including an organization's ability to carry fewer “buffer” supplies, eliminating unexpected supply expiration, and a new culture of trusted record keeping and staff engagement. I was able to share that one organization had reduced their cath lab inventory from $5.7 million to $2.6 million, as well as many other revenue saving efficiencies.

Clinical Bridge offers more than supply chain efficiencies, and I will be discussing those in a future blog. In short, enabling streamlined data exchange in and around the entire organization can provide fast ROI for financials, scheduling, billing, and any other system that ultimately leads to better patient care. For more information, check out my webinar or visit the Infor Clinical Bridge web page.

- Corey Spears, Director of Interoperability Standards, Infor Healthcare

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