Design Thinking: A strategy for innovation

April 23, 2019 By Jenny Reese

Design Thinking: a buzz word which makes most people roll their eyes.

Despite being overused, "design thinking" has brought value and a new way of thinking to product development.

Infor's in-house design agency Hook & Loop hosted the Rumjog team for their monthly meetup event to discuss design thinking as a strategy for innovation. Hook & Loop's very own Nunzio Esposito (VP & Head of User Experience) joined Tom Young (Managing Partner, Rumjog) for the conversation.

At the live event, Nunzio & Tom cover some of the following questions in relation to design thinking at Infor and Hook & Loop:

  • Why did Nunzio change the design model to be more engineer focused?
  • What are the challenges that come with running a design-agency within a multi-billion dollar enterprise software company?
  • What qualities does Nunzio look for when hiring people for Hook & Loop?
  • What are some problems that you and your team are using design thinking to solve?
  • How important is experiential empathy in creating user experiences?
  • In today's technology-driven world, are the best designer's those that also understand engineering?

Listen or watch now:

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