Designed for Progress: What does it mean?

November 1, 2016

This month, the overarching theme for our blog posts will reflect Infor’s new corporate brand advertising campaign: “Designed for Progress.”

Infor has success stories and encouraging insights to share, the kind of “wow” messages that make you want to jump up and do something, feeling those big achievements are attainable for you, too. Of course, software solutions make those gains possible, we will point out. We hope you don’t mind the subtle plugs for technology. It’s what we do. And we 100% believe this to be true: Our technology solutions make great Progress possible. Progress with an uppercase P is high impact, disruptive, game-changing, the kind of change that comes in a whirlwind and leaves with everyone in a better place. We see the data that supports this daily. And, we all know “data = facts = reality” is the equation many of us in the IT world live by.

We also know that manufacturers don’t have time to listen, view, or read lofty thought-leader edicts on topics of little practical, day-in-the-life significance. We try to do better than that. Infor’s Designed for Progress theme will focus on customer stories, specific accomplishments, and world-changing innovations.

This new Designed for Progress web page explains our efforts more fully and presents some of those customer examples. How are you making progress with Infor? We’d love to share your story, too—via social media, collateral, video, or whatever format works best for you—about how your Infor solutions help you move forward with your definition of progress, whatever that might be. Please email to share your story.

It’s going to be quite a month. Check back often. Better yet, please subscribe to the RSS feed in the right-hand column of this page and new posts will appear in your inbox. It only takes a minute.

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