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Designing tomorrow: how work is being changed forever

February 26, 2018
Jobs that don’t exist today, technology that won’t exist tomorrow

How work is being changed forever

How will business get done in the future? Jobs here today may not exist tomorrow, while new careers emerge. Technologies indispensable now will become relics of the past, as new innovations change what we consider work to be. Get views, predictions, and action items from industry experts—including the BBC, IDC, Infor, and others—on the technologies and ideas that are designing tomorrow.

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Continuous evolution, powered by Infor

The digital economy is creating new realities for businesses across all sectors, and opportunities abound for those with the vision to pursue them. Infor is a software provider and a strategic technology partner, offering the expertise, software, and tools to help you turn vision into reality. Explore below to learn about some of the Infor technologies that are designing tomorrow.
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