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Digital Transformation Delivers New Tools for Public Sector Performance

March 9, 2017
A new wave of digital transformation is sweeping public sector organizations. And none too soon. With public expectations high, budgets in flux, and much of the country’s basic infrastructure in need of renewal or replacement, it’s never been more important to stretch every dollar as far as it will go.

Whatever specific role you play in the public sector, whatever level of government you work for, you live the challenges every single day. Whether your main mandate is safety or service delivery, optimum efficiency or end-to-end innovation, you probably have more deliverables in your quarterly or annual work plan than your budget or staffing will cover. Which means you need an extra leg up to get the job done.

And that means learning about the new digital tools that can transform your agency and make your workload more manageable, while delighting your teammates and stakeholders.

Infor Federal Forum: The Extra Ingredient

Infor’s 2nd Annual Federal Forum, April 6 from 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM ET in Washington, DC, is the best place to find that extra ingredient. It’s a fast-paced opportunity to meet your colleagues and peers, along with a lineup of Infor subject specialists, to discuss the essential of public sector IT—like digital strategy and cloud capabilities, a future-ready workforce, and relentlessly efficient service delivery.

Particularly if you work for a government agency where budgets are under the microscope, this complimentary half-day program is a moment you don’t want to miss. You’ll bring home a pocketful of ideas, tips, and efficiency leads that you can begin implementing the same day—because, if you’re based in Washington, you’ll be back at your desk after lunch.

The Digital Transformation Is Here

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen technology transform public sector operations.

Over the years, we’ve seen changes from stakeholder outreach to travel planning, from financial management to telecommunications.

The difference now is that change is everywhere, and technological advances are leaping over each other—so that every aspect of public sector operation is subject to digital disruption. If you’re scrambling to close the gap between what digital citizens and stakeholders expect and what your analog agency can deliver, you’re not alone. But it’s never been more important to transform your operations, quickly and efficiently, to keep your organization responsive and relevant.

If you see yourself in this picture, Federal Forum is for you. It’s a dynamic environment where no challenge is trivial, and no obstacle is too large. The program is built and backed by Infor, one of the world’s leading providers of software for public sector operations.

But if you still haven’t registered for Federal Forum, you’ll need to move fast. The big day is just a few weeks away, attendance is limited, and spaces are filling fast. Join us at the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center April 6 for an event that will give you the ideas and software tools to keep up with today’s technology challenges and get the job done.

Wayne Bobby, Vice President, Infor Federal
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