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May 11, 2021

What is e-Link?

e-Link is the generic / cross-product solution for linking data within the Infor Library applications to the “external” world. Its original name (“EDNLTS”) was an abbreviation of e-Link’s components:

  • emails: a link to an email (sent or received)
  • documents: a link to a document (PDF, DOCX or other)
  • notes: a textual note
  • links: a URL link (e.g. to an image or a video)
  • tasks / triggers: one or more tasks that should be acted upon; for these, triggers (“reminders”) can automatically be created
  • share: share data either other people (other staff members) or in other applications (Twitter, Facebook) – basically, these end up as deeplinks back into our applications.

So, e-Link enables linking starting from “any” type of document within our product portfolio (item, bib, auth, supplier, order, budget, dashboard, cube, user, customer, … anything).

A few examples to illustrate this

A few examples of e-Link are:

A customer sends an email and this is stored in V-smart, linked to the customer, so that there will be a full overview of emails (sent and received), available for later usage.

Mike enters a note for a V-insight dashboard; Frank can see the note when he invokes the same dashboard.

A customer sends a complaint and two tasks are created (one for staff member Louis, who needs to call the customer no later than next Friday, and one for his manager Danielle, who needs to follow-up Louis). These tasks (triggers) can also result in an email to the user.

A bibliographic record is linked to a YouTube video.

Benefits and availability

The benefits of e-Link are multiple. Because it is identical across all products from the portfolio, the learning curve is relatively low, consistency is high and training is relatively cheap.

e-Link will be part of the staff-oriented products of the Library product portfolio. It is projected to be part of V-smart version 6 and V-insight 5.

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