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EAM is at it again--adding enhancements, that is

October 31, 2017
By Kevin Price, Infor EAM Product Evangelist and Strategist

Infor EAM version 11.3.2 is now generally available for cloud customers and as part of Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management.

EAM has been around for a long time--30 years. That experience with nearly every type of customer of every size in every industry in every part of the world means--well, it means a couple of things.

First, while every customer has unique requirements, all can benefit from working with a company that has seen such a vast array of situations. Not being thrown for a loop easily is a good thing when it comes to your software provider. Second, every customer is at their own stage and on their own pace on the journey to maintenance maturity, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Software companies who know that offer industry-specific solutions that meet most needs right out of the box, but can be configured to focus on unique requirements as needed.

What the EAM team, with all that experience, has not done is stopped listening, or stopped improving. Customers--the people using the software every day--have lots of great ideas for how to keep making EAM even better. So there is no time to rest on your laurels around here; there's too much to be done.

So what's new this time?

This latest version delivers enhancements to the defect tracking feature called Nonconformity Tracking; an expansion of the linear equipment management capabilities within EAM; associated changes for Infor EAM Mobile for Transit; updates to Infor Document Management, an embedded product of Infor CloudSuite Facilities Management; and several smaller enhancements.

Major points of interest include:

  • Significant updates to Nonconformity Tracking. The Nonconformity tab of the Work Order and the Assets, Positions, and System screens now show additional attributes of a work order and the equipment associated with the observation. You can develop and edit work order nonconformities right on the map, as well as create new features and highlight equipment locations.
  • Expanded ways to define linear work. On the Segments and Routes tab of the Equipment screen, a new organization option is available with which the equipment structure can be synchronized to create a corresponding equipment structure record.
  • More comprehensive mobile capabilities. One of the critical features of Infor EAM is a focused approach to transportation and fleet management that provides robust mobility for field-based users. Track walkers for transit agencies who inspect train and subway tracks will be able to create a new nonconformity right on the map whenever they find a defect or potential defect. The inspector will then be able to update attributes for the nonconformity in subsequent inspections.
  • Infor Document Management updates and integration. Infor EAM now integrates with Infor Document Management (IDM). In previous releases of EAM, users uploaded documents directly from their machine or created documents directly in EAM. Document Management is used to integrate your records with your business processes and to provide a central repository for them. Soft links are used, based on document metadata, to provide integration between your documents and your Infor EAM solution. You can view a document from within the context of your application, or click a document link to retrieve the material from the central repository. Document Management supports the entire lifecycle of your business documents, from input through storage, retrieval, and sharing.
  • Dataspies for Screens. The Dataspies tab on the Screens screen provides the option to view all Dataspies and the associated users on selected screens, or to associate Dataspies to users on selected screens with the Add Users popup.
  • Hyperlinks to Documents. Two new popups and several new fields on the Documents screen add support for creating hyperlinks to documents on the Document field with the Infor Document Management integration.
  • Booking labor across midnight. A new organization option WOBKMIDN adds the ability to book work across midnight on several existing screens.

Talk to your account representative or contact us if you'd like to know more about Infor EAM version 11.3.2.

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