Early access ending soon for 'LN Manufacturing & Planning Consultant v10.5' beta certification exam

November 13, 2017
Don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate in the beta version of the new LN Manufacturing & Planning Consultant v10.5 certification exam. A beta exam helps determine the passing score for the final exam version. If you pass the beta exam, you will receive your Infor Certified LN Manufacturing & Planning Consultant v10.5certification. This is a great opportunity to be one of the first certified!

If you have already taken the beta exam, thank you for your participation. If you haven’t scheduled and/or taken the beta exam, use your coupon code to schedule your beta exam by November 24, 2017. To get your preferred testing date and time for only $50 (80% off the retail price of live/production exams), please follow the instructions below and register today!

To attempt this beta exam:

  1. Review the LN Manufacturing & Planning Consultant v10.5 Exam Guide. This guide provides the exam topics, the time allowed, number of questions, etc. It also outlines the beta exam details and requirements and how to register.
  2. Ensure your computer meets the minimum requirements outlined in the Test Taker Guide.
  3. Go to www.webassessor.com/infor/index.html and create a new account (if required). Login and register for a new exam. If this is your first time attempting an exam, please allow extra time to create your WebAssessor profile and to set up and test your computer.
  4. Select the B-LN-MPC104-100 Infor Certified LN Manufacturing & Planning Consultant v10.5 exam.

Ready to get certified? Login to WebAssessor and schedule your exam now!

Please contact certification@infor.com if you have any questions.
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