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March 28, 2019 By Erica Doherty

The average person changes jobs 12 times in their lifetime. One could argue the first day working in each of these jobs is a moment that matters and something that employees typically remember. I have one that sticks out for me that I can still clearly recall. I was shown my office, met with my boss the first few minutes of the day, and given a lot of new hire paperwork to complete. My computer did not work, but I was shown the office refrigerator. Day 2 on the job was even more memorable. My office was locked, and I did not know where my boss’s office was to get a key.

This leads me to Infor and how we can help our client’s impact the moments that matter most for their employees. We have many ongoing conversations with healthcare organizations about how they are challenging themselves to hire and retain talent by personalizing the workplace. The younger workforce expects a tailored and immediate experience, both inside and outside of work. Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify are just a few examples of companies that have reset the bar.

Infor Talent Science brings that level of personalization to meet employees’ demands, helping managers and staff through all the moments that matter during an employee’s career journey. Before the employee is hired, he or she has already filled out a scientifically designed behavioral profile that tells managers where that employee would best fit and, most importantly, what role he or she will find most fulfilling.

Using data-driven behavioral analytics, a manager receives onboarding and development activities targeted to the individual’s DNA. And that’s on the employee’s first day of work. Think back to that story I shared and imagine walking in on your first day of work and when you meet with your boss he or she already knows you so well that you are onboarded exactly how you prefer. Imagine during that very first week your boss talks to you about future positions that you are interested in that may be a good fit for you, such as a nurse who someday may aspire to be a nurse manager or even a CNO. That means talent retention begins immediately, as managers are equipped to start guiding employees toward a future career path that is personalized to them, rather than waiting until valued talent is already planning an exit strategy.

All of this is not only good for the employee, but great for the organization. First of all, it helps healthcare organizations compete in a tight labor market and in the face of worker shortages. Even better, happy and engaged employees correlate with higher HCAHPS scores. In fact, a recent Advisory Board Survey Solutions data point found that for every 1% increase in hospital employee engagement, it correlated with a 0.33-point increase in the facility's HCAHPS score.

A recent report from the Aberdeen Group emphasized what we already know at Infor: Companies and organizations are not interested in hearing about how our technology works, but rather how it will help them compete. Talent Science will give our clients an edge in the marketplace. You can learn more about Talent Science here, but in the meantime, we look forward to helping you discover—and solve—your biggest challenges.

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