Ensure compliance, maintain security, become more efficient: Can you do all three?

November 18, 2019

Federal, state and local governments, the Department of Defense, and other regulated industries spend millions of dollars implementing, customizing, and maintaining enterprise resource planning (ERP) platforms, and millions more to comply with regulatory standards, guidelines, and policies. Ensuring compliance and positive audit outcomes while maintaining security and finding new ways to be efficient are activities that sometimes seem at odds with one another.

Most regulated organizations understand the benefits of moving to the cloud and automating tasks to reduce risk, increase accuracy, improve reporting, and save time. Indeed, moving to the cloud has become more of a "when" than an "if." Yet many organizations are postponing their move from legacy on-premise business applications to a cloud platform due to concerns about how to ensure compliance and security.

Automated security controls can help--giving finance, audit, and IT users a common platform to independently monitor their critical controls across all key applications. Automation options can reduce risks, including preventing segregation of duties (SOD) issues, improper payments, non-compliant provisioning, misallocation of budgets, and fraudulent activities.

To learn how automated controls can help your organization reduce the complexity of upgrades and ensure compliance, view our webinar: "The importance of security controls in the age of SaaS." Experts from Amazon Web Services, New River Systems, and Grant Thornton discuss the rationale for public sector and other regulated organizations to consider financial controls applications that are authorized, secure, and integral to cloud migration strategies.

For more on the topic of financial controls and risk mitigation, including SoD, download our white paper: "Automating risk management while implementing ERP."

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