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Ensuring a healthy, safe and environmentally conscious workplace—not only for patients, but your employees

September 29, 2016

Tim Brown, Chief Business Information Officer

Patient’s health and safety isn’t the only concern for hospital executives. Hospital and other care worker’s safety is crucial to the success of the entire operation because without healthy workers, patients can’t get needed treatment. In this sixth segment of a seven-part webinar series, industry experts explore what health and safety means to the healthcare industry and how to achieve a safe work environment with an asset management system.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, there are three million non-fatal workplace injuries recorded each year. Why does this matter to your organization? Because injured employees mean days away from work, which results in loss of revenue and patients who can’t receive needed care as efficiently.

Maintaining a safe work environment

Infor EAM Safety Management provides a complete maintenance management and safety solution that can be configured to each department in order to keep your employees safe. The main features include:

  • Setup: Hazards, precautions and isolation points. The first step is to identify the hazard and then associate the precautions and assets involved. Hazards can be defined by user, and employees are advised when safety measures should be applied. Isolation points also lock out equipment and make it inoperable while a maintenance task is being performed.
  • Permitting: Permits, isolation points, work checklists, and activity event logs. These features make sure that equipment associated with the hazard is inoperable and maintenance safety directions are given to employees before they start the work.
  • Reports: Case logs, reports, and safety review. All are required at the end of the task in order to report the incident and avoid future problems.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that “Businesses spend $170 billion a year on costs associated with occupational injuries and illnesses, and this comes straight out of company’s profits. But workplaces that establish safety and health management systems can reduce their injury and illness costs by 20-40%.”

Is your organization following proper safety procedures to prevent injuries and illnesses?
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