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November 9, 2020

These are the major realizations of 2020. Far more details can be found in the Roadmap overview.

Beauty matters

People are used to beautiful smartphones and tablets, beautiful websites and apps. At home. Why should they settle for less at work? That's why beauty matters and why we keep improving the interfaces we provide. So we offer beautiful and customizable applications and an app, interfaces for the blind and partially sighted and software that can be used anywhere.

Work faster with macros

Everyone can automate repetitive work for themselves, but also for others via these non-technical macros. But faster installation, conversion without data loss and proactive support also contribute to this endeavor: accelerate elementary processes and make life easier.

Connect people

Customer administration, which was already very powerful via options such as contact management, import and profiles, and via links with financial applications, national initiatives, payment solutions and CRM, is being expanded with e-Link: new possibilities for linking e-mails , documents, notes, links, tasks and social media.

ORM: increasingly digital

Digital files can be managed via V-smart and viewed via Iguana. The existing possibilities are expanded through ORM (One Resource Management), - physical and digital materials are managed and made accessible in an identical way.

React faster

To support this functionality, we apply various techniques and we continue to (also technically) innovate our products. For example, the use of “containers” will lead to faster installations and simplified updates and rewriting Iguana in Jquery will lead to (even) better connectivity.

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