EYE on Manufacturing - Transform or be left behind

October 24, 2016
Transform or be left behind

Chances are, you’ve been hearing the phrase "digital transformation" bandied about; but you may not know what exactly it means—or why you should care. But you probably can name several companies that simply failed to see change coming and appropriately adapt. Kodak, Blockbuster, and Blackberry are a just a few.

Waves of digital disruption have struck many industries since the 1990s, giving businesses two basic options: transform or be left behind. To make a difference, digital transformation must be far more than a new way of thinking or a one-off initiative. You have to make it part of your DNA.

Read the executive brief Making digital transformation part of your DNA to learn strategies for embracing digital transformation and more importantly, for making it sustainable.

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Short, 4-part video series

Part 1: Customer remains king

Digital transformation allows you to align more closely with customers than ever before. Some experts predict that by 2020 advanced customer experience solutions will be the key to brand differentiation. Hook & Loop Digital, Infor’s in-house agency, specializes in digital disruption and has designed the ideal user experience for customers.

Watch this video to learn the importance of customer centricity and how your business can make it a priority.

Part 2: Achieve operational excellence

Digital transformation will revitalize the shop floor. A 2015 report from IDC says digital manufacturing will reach a 65% adoption rate by 2020. Internet of Things (IoT) technology, along with machine-to-machine and machine-to-system connectivity, will enable automatic error notifications and put processes in motion to fix problems.

Watch this video for more on operational excellence in the digital age.

Part 3: Beyond the factory

In the modern global supply chain, 80% of the data you need resides outside your company. Digital connectivity solutions like GT Nexus will usher in complete visibility for everyone who needs it at each stage of the supply chain. And new technologies will offer new information. Now you’ll know the conditions of your products’ shipping units, so that critical changes can be automatically implemented.

Watch this video to see how supply chains are rapidly evolving.

Part 4: Impact on business intelligence

While digital transformation impacts every aspect of manufacturing, business intelligence will see the greatest return. IoT technology means that systems will push relevant data automatically into the hands of those who need it, anywhere and anytime. But raw data has little use without context. Data science provides that key factor, so you can understand cause and effect and act on trends.

Watch this Video to see how data can be transformed into actionable insight.

Change depends on workforce transformation

Although digital transformation is rooted in technology, there’s no question humans are the most important part of the revolution. It’s about more than simple digitization. Digital transformation in HR has the potential to change how you build teams, how people work together, and how to structure incentives for optimal ROI.

Read the executive brief Why digital transformation depends on workforce transformation to discover the tools and techniques for transforming your workforce and maximizing the human assets your company already has.

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The Ultimate Software Buying Guide

Is your company fully equipped to stay competitive and take advantage of shifting challenges? Now, more than ever, you need every advantage that advanced solutions can provide.

Infor has created the Guide to Manufacturing Software to help our customers choose the right solutions to enable growth, boost profits, and not be left behind.

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