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FedRAMP Compliance Session Sets Eyes on the Prize

September 11, 2017

The power of Infor CloudSuite as the world’s first industry-specific cloud company, combined with the solid technology backbone of Amazon Web Services (AWS), was the jumping-off point for the session, Your Path to FedRAMP Compliance, during Inforum 2017 in New York City.

Infor is aiming for full Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) compliance by the end of this year. Our approach entails a comprehensive cloud development strategy that treats FedRAMP as a service differentiator, even beyond the federal marketplace. The standard can cut IT costs 30 to 40% for all levels of government, while giving users the level of data security they need and want.

You build it once, get an authorization across multiple agencies, then leverage it.

AWS Senior Manager Dan Kasun affirmed Amazon’s iron-clad commitment to working with Infor and its customers on FedRAMP compliance. “Our job is to help you get it there and do it right,” he told participants.

An End-to-End Cloud Offering

With 8,500 customers in the Infor Cloud, 71 million users subscribing to the Infor Cloud, more than eight petabytes of data, operations across 108 countries, and 99.9% average historical up time, Infor CloudSuite is laser-focused on delivering a software experience that users can love. Individual components of CloudSuite have been in development for years, but we’ve spent the time to re-architect them for the Internet so that they run natively and seamlessly online.

CloudSuite is built off the AWS platform, with base services and targeted applications added on top, so that Infor can put together the right pieces for your specific industry. It’s very powerful, and it’s a lot easier to maintain and update when everything is housed in the same cloud platform. Infor’s Government SaaS (IGS) approach leveraging our common controls environment will enable additional applications to be onboarded in weeks to meet customer needs.

And the public sector market for cloud services is growing fast: Gartner expects it to reach $436.4 billion by 2021, with a brisk combined annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.9%. Companies and consumers are looking for convenience, speed, security, and availability, and the federal government sets the standard. As one of the only cloud-focused accreditations, FedRAMP becomes a key leverage point, not just for compliance, but for scale, innovation, and cost reduction.

Getting Comfortable with the Cloud

As the transition to what Amazon calls Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) takes hold, Kasun said, the conversation with clients has been shifting.

Two and three years ago, the largest share of the questions AWS received pertained to whether the cloud was secure. Since then, technology providers have proven “that the infrastructure is able to be secured well, and that’s a good thing,” he told participants. “Now, the discussions are more about how we help people feel comfortable using it,” since “very few customers buy anything because they want it to just sit there. They want to put it to work.”

For Infor, the user experience is about functionality and interface. For Amazon, it’s all about access and reliability. Kasun explained that AWS cloud services are organized into availability zones, each with multiple facilities, dedicated power supply, and multiple routes available to ensure reliable access to data. The sheer logistics behind reliable cloud services are all heavy-duty considerations that most organizations don’t have the capability to get into, but are part of the price of entry for FedRAMP compliance.

The network allows customers to take advantage of cloud services across multiple U.S. regions, and around the world. In the U.S., all facilities requiring a “moderate level” of security have FedRAMP accreditation, with higher-security infrastructure available for customers that need it.

Building our IGS CloudSuite on AWS GovCloud infrastructure allows Infor a distinct advantage of maximizing the benefits available from AWS while inheriting the security controls. Infor is prepared to support the Federal customer business applications shifting toward SaaS offerings and meet their functional, operational, and security requirements.

Garner additional insight – Read new thought leadership by Government Business Council and Infor, Ready for Takeoff: FedRAMP’s way forward to the cloud

Joe Arthur, Strategy and Innovation Executive, Infor Public Sector
  • Federal Government
  • State and Local Government
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