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Federal Laboratories Need the Right Asset Management Tools

March 6, 2017
Federal laboratories are a jewel in the public sector crown, delivering everyday innovations and technological breakthroughs that make Americans safer, more comfortable, and more prosperous.

But even the shiniest jewel needs regular care and maintenance, and for the 44 labs in the U.S. government system, enterprise asset management (EAM) is a serious challenge.

Like every federal agency, government laboratories are balancing on a razor’s edge, trying to maintain aging infrastructure and equipment, deliver greater accountability and sustainability, and meet an array of unfunded mandates in an era of limited federal or state aid, tightening revenues, an aging and retiring work force, and out-of-date systems and processes.

And yet, in the words of an iconic source of business wisdom—the Star Wars character Yoda—the bedrock challenge is simple: “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” When federal labs succeed, they are America’s pride. And they can’t afford to fall short.

Up and Running for the Challenge

Laboratory operations have never been more complex. And the benefits they deliver to citizens and businesses have never depended more on steady, long-term operations. That’s why it’s crucial for federal labs to take the necessary steps to maximize asset life, minimize capital spending, reduce down time, improve service, ensure regulatory compliance and safety in ongoing operations, and manage diversity across the work force.

Those big-picture goals are challenging enough. They become even more so for a complex facility in a shifting federal work environment. When costs are rising, and operations depend on complex machinery that needs regular maintenance, you have to optimize every asset at your disposal.

Which means EAM software is the essential tool enabling you to hold the operation together and keep it running smoothly.

EAM in Action

That reality plays out in real time at a large U.S. government research agency that relies on Infor EAM to manage the operation and maintenance of the world’s largest, most powerful energetic laser, along with associated equipment and facilities for atomic energy research. The software manages workflows and activities to support more than 55,000 equipment items across more than 500 systems and 38 facilities. The overall process encompasses more than 700 preventive and calibration schedules and more than 65,000 separate work order events per year, all orchestrated to keep the facility functioning at maximum safety levels.

Infor has also been taking its EAM efforts airborne in partnership with Drone Aviation Corporation. For the first time, facility managers can get a bird’s eye view of their assets and infrastructure, using real-time information to maximize efficient deployment of limited EAM resources. The information collected could be HD pictures and video, x-ray, or infrared images providing real time situational awareness for any maintenance needs.

Even with federal government operations going through a policy transition, front-line managers know it’s always the right time to focus on preventive and predictive maintenance. The good news is that the tools are available to help federal laboratories meet an often unique mix of EAM needs, reliably and cost-effectively.

Click here to access on-demand webinar, The Future of EAM, to gain insight into how cutting-edge technology can help laboratories overcome the toughest asset and infrastructure management challenges.

Joe Arthur, Strategy and Innovation Executive, Infor Public Sector
  • Federal Government
  • State and Local Government
  • North America
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