FHIR and the shift in data exchange within healthcare

January 15, 2019 By Jerry Rankin

FHIR and the shift in data exchange within healthcare

We recently posted a blog with some excellent information from our very own Corey Spears. He wrote about his observations from the recent ONC annual meeting. For anyone interested in the confluence of the federal government, healthcare IT industry and interoperability, it is a worthwhile read. Thank you, Corey!

One of my takeaways from the blog was just how fast the industry is moving to use FHIR to improve interoperability and streamline healthcare. We are undergoing a profound shift in data exchange in healthcare. That will take a long time for sure, but that shift is underway. We are beyond just ‘tinkering’ with FHIR or having regulatory requirements to use APIs and share data with no special effort. Now, we’re seeing serious collaborations around FHIR such as the Da Vinci and Gemini projects. And we are seeing large tech giants moving into Healthcare, such as Apple, leveraging FHIR to speed data exchange and move patient records to their phones, powered with AI.

Another tech giant move in healthcare was announced recently by Amazon’s AWS. Although not particularly FHIR centric, it is another illustration of the growing importance of API lead integration and the use of AI to transform healthcare.

Infor has also invested a great deal in FHIR and offers FHIR Bridge, a rapid on ramp to building legacy to FHIR Connections. You can learn more about FHIR Bridge from Corey’s recent webinar on the topic.

Infor has also invested in healthcare API management and offers the Cloverleaf API Gateway, providing a single point of control and full lifecycle management for your APIs. In addition, look for an announcement soon for Corey’s upcoming webinar in late January: “Connecting Healthcare in the Digital Age: An update on Healthcare API Integration with the Cloverleaf API Gateway, powered by Infor OS.”

We are all on a journey to streamline healthcare and to reduce cost and improve quality and outcomes. Interoperability in healthcare is key to that journey.

-Jerry Rankin, Industry and Solution Strategy Director, Infor

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