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Fleet management software boosts profit and customer satisfaction

May 24, 2021

The transportation industry is often slow to change the systems that have traditionally worked. Embracing new technology allows you to save time and money while improving your customers' experiences.

If you have hesitated to implement fleet management software, it makes sense to learn more about the product and the benefits it provides and sign up for the upcoming webinar from Infor Gold Channel Partner, Sapphire Systems to learn more about what fleet management software can do for your business.

When considering a software solution for your business, go with a product designed for your specific needs. There are specific regulations involved in the transportation industry, and the profit margin is often slim.

Selecting a product designed to streamline compliance issues saves time and money. A product that allows you to see at a glance which routes are profitable and which are a waste of time and money allows you to make smart decisions about how to best run your business.

Ease of use cannot be overlooked when selecting a software solution. The product needs to be intuitive, easy to set up, customize, and use. This means working with a company that has experience in the field as well as one that will help you through the entire process.

So, how can fleet management software benefit your company?

Customer satisfaction

The number one reason to use fleet management software is the benefits it offers your customers. Happy customers mean less churn and more profits. How does using enterprise management software benefit your customers?

The use of this system leads to reduced wait times due to quick delivery. Communication is also improved, which leads to greater customer satisfaction. While benefiting your customers, you receive benefits as well. Fleet management software adds efficiency and reduces waste in each route.

Increased safety

Fleet management software allows you to get a better understanding of the habits and patterns of each of your drivers. This allows you to pinpoint patterns that can lead to costly mistakes.

Along with improved safety, you may notice a drop in insurance rates. Talk to your agent and let them know that you have implemented fleet management software into your system. Many insurance companies are familiar with these systems and understand the benefits. They pass along these benefits in the form of cost savings to you.

Improved efficiency

Using management software makes it easier to dispatch jobs. You can tell at a glance where your rigs are located and how much time they have left on their existing route. This makes it easier to dispatch in the most efficient way possible, leading to increased profits and reduced costs.

Reduced costs

Fleet management software allows you to check idle times and analyze driving behavior. You can also track receipts for refueling and current and historical driving conditions. Over time, this allows you to make better decisions on assigning routes and what it takes to make delivery profitable.

Discourage theft

Geofencing and GPS tracking allows you to quickly notice if one of your trucks is moving off of its assigned path. Early detection increases the odds of recovering your vehicle without damage.

Another common area of theft is the theft of fuel. It is easy to see if fuel theft is a problem when using fleet management software. The program makes it easy to compare the amount of fuel purchased and the amount used, and will alert you if there are any discrepancies.

Automated reports

It may seem like gathering and making sense of the data compiled from fleet management software would create more, rather than less, work. Fleet management software allows you to automate reports, meaning you don't need to search through data for the results you want. Select the criteria you want to filter for and how often you want reports, and the management software does everything else.

Still not sure?

Working with a company that specializes in fleet management software ensures that the information collected is important for your business. One size does not fit all. A company that understands the complexities of the transportation field is important when choosing what type of software solution you choose.

When selecting a company, there are a few questions you should ask. Find out what you can expect during the deployment process. Quick deployment is necessary to begin realizing the benefit of your product immediately. Quick deployment is possible when the company you work with has experience in the field, so that is an important question to ask as well.

One thing that can speed up the ability to deploy your product is the use of a template approach, such as Sapphire Systems EAM Works. This is an effective way to get a company on boarded and using the software system with ease. Together Infor and Sapphire Systems understand what is needed to create a successful software solution.

Maybe you have existing components of a management system you want to continue to use. That's fine. A well-designed software solution will integrate with all standard transport systems. This includes business intelligence tools and major ERPs. Configuration should be easy, both for initial setup and when upgrades are made.

Look for a software solution that helps keep you in compliance with industry standards. This industry is highly regulated and updates and changes are common. Staying up to date is necessary to prevent fines and other penalties. A properly developed enterprise management system helps you do this.

Finally, look for a product that is easily accessible by mobile. The fleet management system you select should be just as easy to use and intuitive when used on a computer, tablet, or phone.

Ready to learn more about what fleet management software can do for your business? If so, sign up for our joined upcoming webinar to learn more about the features included in Infor EAM.

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