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From the Ground Up: Infor Reaches ‘FedRAMP In Process’ Status for Cloud-Based EAM

June 28, 2018

Infor’s cloud-based Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution has achieved “in process” status with the U.S. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP), the final step before it receives final authorization.

That means public sector managers looking to streamline and optimize their day-to-day operations and maintenance will soon be able to count on an EAM package that integrates seamlessly with their enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. And Infor solutions are built from the ground up, with the unique challenges facing public sector agencies in mind.

For any modern organization, the enterprise asset management process is as complicated, costly, and high-stakes as the business itself. The challenge is even more immediate in the public sector, where financial and human resources are at a premium, equipment maintenance has often had to be deferred, and managers need every tool available to them to meet rising public and stakeholder expectations for excellent customer service.

FedRAMP Drives Digital Transformation

FedRAMP has been in place since 2011, and lately, it’s been picking up momentum. The White House has laid down a clear mandate for U.S. federal agencies to pursue digital modernization and transformation and shift away from legacy IT systems. That push, in turn, is driven by citizens who already interact online, with e-commerce vendors and with each other, and expect a new way of doing business with their government.

It’s an exciting challenge for agencies at all levels of government, an opportunity to optimize resources and deliver on the higher calling that motivated many of today’s most dynamic managers to enter public service in the first place. But the opportunity comes with an edge: Agencies that have postponed or dragged their feet on the digital transformation are already becoming stale and outdated. That process will only accelerate, as the transformation itself continues to pick up speed.

But more and more federal, state, and municipal departments are recognizing the powerful benefits they can offer employees and citizens by embracing a rapid shift to cloud-based services. FedRAMP enables that shift, providing an iron-clad standard for data security, service delivery, and management.

FedRAMP Delivers Major Efficiency Gains

By the end of last year, FedRAMP was already delivering major efficiency gains for agencies that had stepped up as early adopters. Their experience showed “how cloud-enabled data analytics, digital tools, and agile development can improve agency productivity and better equip government employees to deliver services to the public,” stated an issue brief co-authored by the Government Business Council and Infor.

The brief documented some of the big, early wins on the road to an optimized, cloud-based system:

  • The Department of the Army cut the time span for some work tasks from three weeks to three hours, freeing up employees to concentrate on other mission objectives.
  • The Department of Transportation used cloud computing to introduce an enterprise-wide approach to IT, bringing together applications and data environments that had previously run on separate platforms.

Now, those efficiencies are available to asset management professionals who too often find themselves scrambling to coordinate urgent operations and maintenance priorities, keep the right parts in inventory, and direct personnel to the tasks that will deliver the biggest bang for the buck. Cloud-based EAM delivers powerful efficiencies at every step in the asset management life cycle, and with FedRAMP authorization on the near horizon, Infor is poised to meet that expectation in a secure data environment.

Learn more by downloading industry perspective, Ready for Takeoff: FedRAMP’s Way Forward to the Cloud.

Joe Arthur, Strategy and Innovation Executive, Infor Public Sector

  • Federal Government
  • State and Local Government
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