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July 1, 2018

New courses available for HCM 11.0.1 and Landmark 11.0.1.

Recently, my dog had an injury and was completely obsessed and licking at the spot continuously. I took her to the vet and they said my dog had to wear a cone around her neck. After that, instead of licking the same spot all the time, my dog got obsessed with getting that cone off. Eventually, she got used to the cone and the injury healed. What is the point of this story? Sometimes we get fixated on something, and we need to change our perspective, so we can move on or improve and get better.

Okay, seriously, when was the last time you considered taking a course on Global HR benefits? Or a course on goals and performance? Perhaps you took these courses some time ago but you still struggle with areas of the product. Or perhaps you’re new to Global HR and haven't had any formal training. Well, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with all of the courses offered on Infor Campus today. All of the Global HR courses have been updated to reflect HCM 11.0.1 and Landmark 11.0.1. and not only are there a great variety of classes, we also offer them in two convenient formats--live training classes led by an instructor or virtually via eLearning as a self-directed course.

You can find an overview of our instructor-led classes here.

We also want to help you include training in your busy schedule, so we offer most of our classes virtually to take any time you want, while at the office or in the comfort of your home with the same access to a training environment, workbook, and collaboration with an instructor when you need help with your questions. You can find an overview of our Self-Directed learning classes here.

This summer, shift your focus away from the processes you’ve been struggling with and sharpen your skills.

Upcoming Instructor-led courses:

July 30- August 2: Global HR: v11 Configuring and Administering Benefits

August 6 - 9: Global HR: v11 Configuring and Administering Absence Management and Time Entry

August 10: Global HR: v11 Designing Reports

August 20 - 22: Talent Management: v11 Configuring and Administering Compensation Management

August 23 - 24: Talent Management: v11 Configuring and Administering Goal and Performance Management

September 6 - 7: Global HR: v11 Foundation

September 17 - 21: Global HR: v11 Configuring and Administering Global HR

Find more information about our Infor HCM Education offerings on our Infor Campus page.

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