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Healthcare takeaways from Inforum 2019

October 4, 2019 By Steve Fanning

Inforum 2019 was a tremendous success – and thank you to the over 1,000 healthcare clients that attended! It was great to see you in New Orleans along with thousands of others.

As Infor’s flagship user event of the year, Inforum provides an opportunity for customers, industry leaders, and Infor team members to connect and share insights. With main-stage presentations, guest speakers, over 700 product-focused education sessions and live product demos, the event focuses on education and customer relationships.

For those that were unable to attend the general session on the second day and hear the Infor Healthcare main stage presentation I gave, or if you were unable to attend the event, I want to share a summary of the key takeaways for healthcare from that session.

Productivity delivered

The theme of Inforum 2019 was Productivity and outlined the next phase of Infor focus. From machine learning capabilities to predictive analytics, software innovations are changing the way we work. Technology in its many forms is increasing productivity, automating tedious processes, and empowering personnel throughout the organization to make well-informed decisions quickly. To keep pace, enterprises need to be innovative, need to embrace technology, and leverage every opportunity. That could be in the form of predictive analytics, machine learning, or cloud solutions.

Infor CEO Kevin Samuelson said, “We are well-suited to change the way technology solves problems and increases productivity.”

Connecting business with mission

Infor Healthcare’s goal is to help improve the productivity of finance, supply chain, and human resource professionals. Our team is working continually to help connect the business of healthcare with the mission of healthcare. Our objective is to make teams, like those represented at Inforum, more productive, but most importantly what we are working towards is making sure nurses, doctor, and the people that care for people are also more productive.

Our efforts have focused on a comprehensive set of capabilities that are driven by science and clinically connected to that mission of care. Our President of Products and CTO, Soma Somasundaram, talked about how we are redefining traditional ERP and a much broader set of industry expertise that is required to operate a complex healthcare system – including home care, retail care, tele-health, and all the different varieties of care and technology available to care for people that need care.

Infor Healthcare is expanding past just the traditional boundaries of finance, supply chain, and human capital management to include assets, labor, and most importantly the cost of care to ensure we can deliver affordable care.

Accelerating access to data

One of the things I am most excited about is how we created this new set of solutions around CloudSuite making access to data much simpler across complex silos and including clinical information. Many Infor Healthcare clients have seen a 70% reduction in their need to use complex reporting because of the information being made available right at their fingertips and part of the applications they use daily.

Embedding science

We have also added science. The science is built on a modern core platform, along with Amazon Web Services (AWS), and we are adding new data science capabilities, like inventory intelligence for healthcare, which is a data optimization data science capability. We are seeing results that are ranging from 12-17% reduction in inventory levels in stock rooms, but more importantly seeing a 15% increase in service levels for nurses. Instead of spending time looking for materials, nurses are spending time taking care of patients.

Clinically connected

Being clinically connected is core to our mission. You don’t want to be isolated from patient care and only focused on administrative functions. Those functions are critical, and they must be done and done correctly, but we have standardized how we connect and talk to medical records systems, like Epic or Cerner, using something we call Infor Clinical Bridge. That means a nurse can stay in their clinical system and Infor is gathering the data automatically, so they can go back to their job of taking care of patients.

Big announcements unveiled

Infor is now a mentor of what is called the Da Vinci Project, turning health information into APIs, so we can access APIs in a way that consumers of health can get easier access to medical records, easier access to information related to activities like billing and payments, and utilize information between health providers that are part of the organization.

Other major announcements included a new partnership with Uber Health, the launch of Infor Connected Analytics, the release of Infor Coleman as generally available, and a partnership with Signavio to deliver stronger implementation accelerators.

Innovation matters

1 in 3 people in US have their clinical information travel through Infor Cloverleaf, an industry-leading interoperability engine recently recognized as the top ranked vendor by Black Book 2019. We are looking to extend innovation to the entire population across the world to make healthcare more affordable, more effective, and higher quality to support the mission of care.

The question you should ask is: Do the solutions you use each day meet your business needs and support your mission?

– Steve Fanning, VP, Infor Healthcare

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