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How Cloud-Based Computing Empowers K-12 School Districts to Succeed

January 12, 2018

If the continuing mantra of government service is to do more with less, public school districts have always been the jurisdiction that must do the most with the least.

They’re charged with one of the most important tasks in any society—educating the next generation of citizens—yet they rarely if ever have enough (or, sometimes, predictable enough) financial or human resources to get the job done.

It’s always been a tough job, but never more so than today. With workforce expectations getting more complex and stringent, tech-savvy students and parents becoming more demanding, and school board members asking school administrators to account for every dime they spend, K-12 education needs the tools and technology systems to wring (even) more value out of limited budgets. Districts also face a growing human resource challenge, with experienced teachers moving into retirement and a wave of millennials arriving to take their place.

The System Your School System Could Be

What if you could craft a school system that allows you to put students first.

Allow you to have the seamless monitoring and reporting capacity to deliver the financial accountability and transparency your stakeholders demand?

Allow you to have the technological wherewithal to improve system integration, maintenance, and efficiency?

Allow you to have the resources to make more data more readily available for its intended purpose, while still ensuring system security?

A host cloud-based enterprise software solution could give you all of that and more while working within the financial restraints that are an everyday reality for virtually every school district administrator in the country.

Getting the Systems in Place

You won’t be able to achieve this goal overnight. But you can chart a course for greater efficiency and productivity, fewer errors and redundancies, near real-time visibility, and stronger, more cost-effective security.

From human resources to finance, procurement to reporting, system integration to cybersecurity, a host cloud-based enterprise solution can be the asset that either makes or breaks your commitment to educating the next generation. It also could be the key to satisfying the disparate demands of school administrators. The first step is to make the basic decision to change—to invest scarce dollars in a solution that serves as the backbone of everything you do to manage your district.

Click here to download a copy of the brochure, Empowering K-12 school districts to succeed. Watch on-demand webinar, Why IT & ERP Modernization is Paying off for K-12 Districts.

Keith Briscoe, PMP, Executive Director, Education Practice, Infor

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