How Consumerism and the Internet Drive Government Services

June 1, 2017
With citizens and businesses going digital in everything they do, and making the shift at lightning speed, this is the moment for municipal governments to catch up.

From online search to e-commerce, from routine electronic networking to massive online collaboration, the citizens you work with every day have learned a different way of living, working, learning, and playing. Their smartphones, computers, and tablets give them convenient, affordable access to all the information, goods, and services they need.

And now, they expect the same level of service from their cities and counties.

The Shift Is On

Each year, you probably see fewer people who want to pay their bills or apply for permits or licenses in person. (Though that points to another challenge—for the foreseeable future, you’ll still need those legacy systems for citizens who are absolutely determined not to change their habits.) There’s probably greater demand for online event notices, and more interest in transparent, easily-accessible information on how your city spends taxpayers’ dollars.

Digital technologies create new opportunities, as well: You can now communicate much more quickly and affordably, segment your audience with incredible precision, and find mission-critical business intelligence at your fingertips, rather than searching paper records or ordering dense, hard copy documents.

But here’s one crucial point that hasn’t changed, and never will: The services you deliver are all about the citizen, just as they were a decade or a century ago. And that means using the digital tools at your disposal to deliver an unparalleled customer service experience to the people who depend on you.

Meeting Citizens in the Digital Age

Infor Rhythm for Civics is the one-stop platform that produces the experience your community needs and expects, across a full range of mobile and desktop devices.

It creates a single view of your city’s programs and services, connecting seamlessly and securely to your existing IT infrastructure.

It delivers an intuitive user interface that makes sense to people with limited technical skills, with round-the-clock, cloud-based support.

And it makes it easy for businesses to initiate new projects, using a guided wizard and a simple, one-stop dashboard.

And it helps you streamline your own operations by optimizing the delivery of mission-critical information and public services.

Managing municipal services is always about tough choices, deciding which innovations you can afford to invest in with limited financial resources. But citizens’ use of and demand for digital systems has reached the point where you can’t afford not to respond. Infor Rhythm for Civics is the platform that will help you make an affordable, seamless transition that delights your users, by keeping up with the technologies that more and more of them rely on every day.

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Heather Sherlock, Director, Infor Public Sector
  • Federal Government
  • State and Local Government
  • North America
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