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CrowdTwist: How we got to be a leader

April 9, 2019 By Emily Rudin

The Forrester Wave & CrowdTwist

Today, Forrester Research, Inc. released its much anticipated “The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Technology Platforms, Q2 2019.” report. I am excited and extremely proud to share that their research identified CrowdTwist as a Leader.

For background, the Forrester Wave™ is a heavily researched evaluation of vendors across various markets. The focus of this particular iteration of the Wave Report is intended to inform companies about qualified vendors in the loyalty technology space. Forrester evaluated 13 vendors against 28 different criteria, grouped into three broad categories: Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence. Based off these evaluations, vendors fall into one of the following categories: Leaders, Strong Performers, Contenders and Challengers.

We believe our placement in this Forrester Wave™ is a testament to the value that the technology brings to our growing list of truly exceptional clients. Forrester stated “CrowdTwist’s loyalty and engagement platform focuses on helping brands build and execute inspiring loyalty programs. It’s SaaS solution centers around its ability to track and reward hundreds of purchase- and non-purchase-related activities … out of the box and is currently investing in an expansion of its CRM and data-management capabilities.” We wholeheartedly believe in the power and transformative nature of authentic loyalty and engagement programs, and how they enable brands to create and maintain a competitive advantage. The Forrester report continues “For brands interested in building a loyalty program that focuses on driving deeper engagement with the brand, CrowdTwist’s platform will be a good fit.”

In our opinion, Forrester’s assessment makes evident our dedication to providing truly innovative omnichannel solutions that deepen customer relationships, build emotional loyalty, and drive value for our clients. Our ability to recognize influenceable moments, and respond with impactful programs that incentivize profitable behavior is what has continually set us apart.

Based on their observation of the loyalty technology landscape, Forrester makes recommendations for loyalty marketers to help guide their vendor selection process. I was pleased to see that our offerings and roadmap align with the criteria they deem important, and further still, are able to solve the challenges loyalty marketers currently face.

In Forrester’s evaluation, CrowdTwist received the highest score possible in the data management criterion. We have worked diligently from a product and services offering standpoint to excel in this category, as we recognize the hurdle that many marketers face around making loyalty and engagement data actionable and executing effective personalization. Forrester recommends that loyalty marketers choose a vendor that has the capability to turn data into customer insight and has the tools to optimize campaigns, tweak program structure, and personalize member experiences.

CrowdTwist not only received the top score in the Current Offering category which includes member data management, personalization, and predictive analytics, but we were also recognized for making investments to expand our CRM and data-management capabilities. As we continue to focus on solving challenges for marketers, we recognize the importance of maintaining a strong commitment to data and actionability.

It was an incredibly proud moment for us all to hear that our clients find tremendous value in the level of support and care we provide. The references interviewed by Forrester see CrowdTwist as very customer-focused. One reference said, “I’ve never encountered a vendor so willing and useful in helping me achieve my goals.” The report adds: “This glowing praise extends to CrowdTwist’s ‘super simple’ and easy-to-use interface and proactivity in bringing ideas to the table. We appreciate each and every one of our clients, and I am so pleased this sentiment carries. I am incredibly proud of the CrowdTwist team for demonstrating passion, thoughtfulness, and going above and beyond to innovate and execute successful client programs.

In my view, Forrester’s evaluation of CrowdTwist demonstrates that we have the technology and expertise to solve loyalty and retention challenges for brands and help them meet the growing expectations of their customers. We are committed to innovating our capabilities, expanding our presence, and keeping our clients at the heart of all we do.

I want to thank all of the clients and partners that support us, and our vision. I encourage all brands to learn more about CrowdTwist’s omnichannel loyalty and engagement solution.

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