Improving employee potential with new release of Infor Staffing Optimizer

March 27, 2018

As the need to control costs rises, healthcare organizations are looking at better managing their largest cost: the workforce. One area that’s getting additional scrutiny to help manage expenses is optimizing staffing and scheduling clinical employees. With Infor Staffing Optimizer for Healthcare, formerly Care Workloads, healthcare organizations get a workload management solution that aligns the patients being cared for with the nurses who care for them allowing organizations to put more focus on delivering excellent care and outcomes.

We’re excited to announce that we have released the newest version of Infor Staffing Optimizer for Healthcare, version 4.1. These enhancements will help hospitals establish exact patient care needs. Nurse managers get recommendations for the ideal number of staff, with the right skills for the specific patients at any location, each shift, every time, and will be able to balance patient workload with hours worked, rather than using levels of care or intensity-based staffing models.

Here are some of the significant updates:

  • Assignments Module—contains a real-time listing of available caregivers, their certifications, available patients, their workload values, and the ability to build care teams and assign relief team members for patient assignments. This also provides nursing staff more time for direct patient care.
  • Centralized Administration Console—streamlines the maintenance and accessibility of the component, allowing for a more unified software, patch, and configuration process.
  • New integrations—assist in the import and maintenance of employee users and available caregivers. These integrations will automate the laborious process of having to manually load data, such as employee user and available hours that that are used to populate HR and scheduling systems.

Managers will have the data they need to build budgets, and leaders will have the data they need to help maintain equitable workloads. Finance can easily align workload instruments to fiscal standards, while IT can integrate with applications to meet system requirements.

Infor Health realizes that no two patients are the same. Staffing based on workloads can help your organization gain cost and time savings, achieve more efficient staffing levels, and improve patient safety, nurse job satisfaction, and patient outcomes. For an overview of Infor Staffing Optimizer for Healthcare, view our brochure.

- Alan Bateman, Healthcare WFM Industry Strategy Director
  • Healthcare
  • EMEA
  • North America
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