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Industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers: New opportunities await

February 14, 2017
Infor has commissioned a new report from analyst firm MPI Group to examine the state of industry for industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers (IM&E) manufacturers and suppliers. The news is good.

Here are some stats from the new report, “Global Opportunities Await IM&E Manufacturers,” that are truly eye-opening and optimistic:

The global market is continually changing and bringing new opportunities. But, even in well-established regions of operation, IM&E manufacturers are finding new opportunities by expanding product lines, adapting existing machines and technologies to new niches, customizing products for individual customers, and exploring new business models to engage customers in long-term relationships.

There’s only one catch: You have to be fast. Agility is required to seize these unfolding opportunities. The MPI Quick Report offers:

  • Tips for achieving agility
  • Tips for strategic location of expanded operations
  • Lean techniques that will improve agility
  • Benefits of cloud deployment
  • Creating new business models
  • Offering value-add service

Download the report today to learn more about the opportunities you can seize.

  • Worldwide
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