Infor CloudSuite Industrial APS Best Practices #11 – The Ready flag

September 23, 2018

If you do this one thing, you can dramatically shorten your lead times (and make your customers happier)

A keystone is the central, wedge-shaped stone at the summit of an arch that locks all the stones into position and allows the arch to bear weight.

When you have the keystone in place, the arch works. When it’s not there or isn’t very good, the arch suffers.

There are keystone practices that have dramatic effects on many parts of the business. One of those keystone practices for planning is releasing work to the shop floor in a just-in-time (JIT) manner. If you decide to remove this keystone practice and release work before it actually needs to be worked on, you will:

  • Clog up your resources with lower priority work (preventing your most important jobs from finishing on time)
  • Waste time ordering, processing, and storing more material than you need to
  • Allocate materials to lower-priority work, causing delays on more important jobs
  • Multiply the number of issues you have to address, making it harder to see and address the real problems in a timely manner

All of this means unnecessary delays and bloated lead times.

However, APS is designed to work in a JIT fashion. This means that if you release when APS indicates it’s time to release, you can avoid all of the problems listed above. We call waiting for the APS signal “launch control,” and it includes two things:

  • Waiting to release planned orders until you’ve reached the JIT release dates APS has orchestrated
  • Further restricting the release of planned work orders to only those that have a full set of materials ready in inventory

We talked about the first part of launch control in a previous post. In this post, we want to discuss having materials ready.

This topic is so important we held a webinar on it earlier this year to show you exactly how to do it. Instead of repeating all of that here, just go watch the recording of that webinar.

It’s called “How to Stop Releasing Jobs That Are Short Components,” and you can find it here: Watch now (Outside US).

What’s next?

This last month I taught the instructor-assisted APS course to some eager students who asked a number of great questions. One of them asked a question about some tricky aspects of modeling labor resources for APS. This issue comes up with every site that uses APS. In the next post, I’m going to address that question so all of you can benefit from the answer.

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