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Infor Healthcare customers discuss technology’s role in addressing industry trends

October 26, 2017

During our Inforum 2017 Healthcare panel, customers from Yale New Haven Health System, Rush University Medical Center and Palos Health shared insights into how they are using technology to address industry trends. Here are some key messages from these leaders who are helping to drive change in healthcare:

What the shift to consumerism means for today’s healthcare organizations

With the focus on value-based care, there is greater emphasis on the consumer; not just patients but the consumer of health and healthcare services. Organizations are having to put the patient at the center of their strategy by making access to health records, scheduling and choosing providers easy and accessible. Rush UMC focuses on consumerism by emphasizing the dignity of the human being and giving the patient the same care and respect that we would give our own family and friends. There are many ways to execute on these trends. Watch the video to learn more.

Why the time is right for the healthcare cloud

Moving to the cloud can be a challenging initiative, especially if the concept is misunderstood. In this video, customers simplify what the cloud means to their organization and why they believe the cloud is the right way to go for the future. For example, Lisa Stump, CIO from Yale New Haven Health Systems says that the cloud is a streamlined, more efficient solution to manage the way that we deploy technology. Timeliness is important in healthcare and the cloud allows access to real-time information from anywhere, and creates less downtime by providing automatic updates and disaster recovery.

Technology’s role in helping recruit and retain the best employees

It’s key to have a system in place to be able to hire the right people and retain top talent because the cost of hiring and onboarding a new employee is expensive. It can be difficult to get the right people into the right positions to fit their skill sets in a timely manner, while providing the tools to guide them through their careers. Our customers explain in this video how technology can help you better manage your workforce to understand the training each specific employee requires and gage whether that person is satisfied. Giving employees the training and support that they need is going to be critical as we aim to deliver world class care.

The value of partnerships in fulfilling the healthcare mission

Your software vendor is not going to understand your needs and challenges on their own. This video showcases the importance of partnership with technology vendors. The relationship should not end after the purchase and implementation of the system, but continue and grow as you collaborate and marry products to initiatives. Don’t choose a vendor that just sells software, but a vendor who is interested in understanding the needs of your organization and fulfilling your mission.

I want to thank our customers for taking the time to share their insights and knowledge during the Inforum presentations as we look forward to continuing our partnership to promote better care. How is your organization addressing these trends? Please share your thoughts below.

- Mark Weber, SVP of Healthcare Development

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