Infor helps healthcare providers control costs amidst potential ACA repeal and passage of AHCA

May 12, 2017

Recently, The US House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) which approved legislation to repeal and replace major parts of the Affordable Care Act. While this has not been rubberstamped through the Senate, with this initial move to reshape American healthcare, providers are facing some financial uncertainty. Cost controls are taking immediate focus in healthcare to weather the storm while the future of the bill is unknown as it moves to the Senate.

This article from the New York Times outlines this event and how the vote, 217 to 213, could impact the future of healthcare in the U.S. CNN also highlights how parts of the bill would not mandate insurance coverage, and instead would offer Americans refundable tax credits, based mainly on age, to purchase health insurance, charge higher premiums to a select population, and reduce support for Medicaid over time.

How can healthcare providers control costs within a changing environment?

Infor is partnering with our customers to help reduce cost, improve operational efficiencies and enhance the patient experience in an effort to achieve better care outcomes. Our comprehensive suite of business solutions for healthcare customers includes finance, planning, supply chain, human capital, asset management, relationship management and clinical interoperability.

Infor Healthcare is a single solution provider and more than just a software vendor. With our integrated applications, customers enjoy a single partner strategy that reduces operating costs, improves efficiencies, optimizes EMR investments and supports business goals to attract and retain the best clinical staff.

Healthcare organizations continue to rely on ways to cut expenses in two areas that account for a majority of costs in the industry: labor and supplies. In a previous blog, Finding money in healthcare, I talk about how healthcare organizations can cut costs within these two areas. Since supplies account for one of the largest expenses in healthcare, inventory management is critical to the success of the entire organization. Inventory intelligence uses science and data to make recommendations on setting re-order points on inventory levels. In addition to managing inventory, human capital management is another area for identifying cost saving opportunities. Infor Talent Science leverages data—instead of intuition—with hiring, placing people in the right roles, reducing turnover, and helping you manage costs.

To learn more about our complete business platform designed for healthcare, visit our website. How can we help your organization address cost control?

-Tim Brown, Chief Business Information Officer
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