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Infor HR thought leader Marcus Mossberger shares insights with Peak Development Radio

October 24, 2017

I was recently asked to speak on Peak Development Radio about how the HR function is changing as part of a series called Accelerating HR’s business impact with Dr. Mindy Hall. The podcast offers different perspectives from thought leaders in HR about how demographic changes, technology, and socio-economic shifts are changing how organizations approach HR. I felt honored to be asked to share what I’m seeing in my interactions with organizations and individuals in the field.

The first question they asked was if I thought the HR function has seen a significant identity change. From my perspective, it’s less about the actual HR function and more about the evolution of work. Everything is becoming more digital, which changes the way work is accomplished and the way the HR function serves the organization. With Millennials driving the shift toward more remote employees, this challenges HR managers to provide strategies and technology that enable digital engagement. Organizations need to enhance their efforts to work in the digital space through mobility and continuous performance management to give employees intuitive and quick interactions with the organization.

Moving into the future, the HR function is going to change from a “referee” to a “coach” as the coach’s role is to help people reach their full potential. Also, HR is no longer administrative and transactional. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence will field a lot of administrative work, which will free up more time for HR to be predictive and prescriptive, and to better understand individuals in the organizations to impact business outcomes.

These challenges within HR can also be applied to the healthcare industry. It’s about a focus on the patient or people, and how to prevent problems to maintain wellness. I want to thank Peak Development Radio for giving me the opportunity to share my perspective on the HR function, you can listen to the entire podcast here.

- Marcus Mossberger, Senior Director Healthcare HCM Strategy

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