Infor Learning Management’s ad hoc reporting takes data consumption to great lengths

April 10, 2018

“Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.”- Tim Berners-Lee, father of the Worldwide Web

From a learning and development standpoint, the preciousness of data extends to multiple levels of every organization. For some, it lies in compliance. For others, it lies in personnel planning. Essentially, it can mean something different for every organization in the world.

For that reason, the way management and executive teams access that learning data can be a very complex undertaking. As such, standard out-of-the-box reports from a Learning Management System (LMS) often leave a lot to be desired. While they might tell you who took and passed a course or a certification program, they often lack the necessary supporting data that most organizations truly need to make appropriate business decisions that will affect the company’s bottom line.

This is where Infor’s Ad Hoc Reporting tool offers major benefits to Infor Learning Management customers. Ad Hoc Reporting allows LMS Administrators to easily create custom reports using every data field that exists in the LMS database. This data can not only include learning-specific data, but also user profile data that exists in the system; and usually originates within an organizations’ HRIS platform. The combination of data from learning and HR helps paint a true picture of what is happening within an organization and allows executives to make clear, well-informed decisions about personnel, strategies and financial implications.

Finally, the Ad Hoc Reporting tool not only provides a view into this important data from within the LMS, it also allows organizations to export this data and use it outside of the LMS, alongside other business critical information from other systems. The opportunities to utilize this data are endless when offered the right way and in conjunction with other necessary data elements. Click here for more information on Infor Learning Management.

Greg Bashar, Senior Sales Executive, Infor

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