Infor LMS drives compliance and customer satisfaction in hospitality

April 3, 2018

How efficient and effective is your training? The right LMS can bring huge returns in the hospitality industry. You’re probably wondering how a training platform is going to bring huge dividends, right? Well, here are a few answers to that question.

Fewer Mistakes

Customer service missteps can cost a hospitality company hundreds of thousands of dollars. Employees who feel disconnected, undertrained, or unsupported are unhappy. They aren’t pleased with their job and most likely underperforming, making mistakes, and not caring about their work. One simple mistake can cost thousands of dollars in some cases. A well-trained employee will significantly reduce the number of mistakes made. Skilled workers provide excellent customer service which would increase overall customer satisfaction and retention, as well as drive revenue for the business.

Learning on the Fly

Nowadays learning is happening everywhere. In a recent study by an In-Focus report, The Consumer Learner at Work, produced by Towards Maturity in conjunction with learning provider Filtered, data showed that 70% of learning happens on the employees’ phones, 47% evenings and weekends, 42% at their desk and 27% on the commute to work. These learning environments are driving organizations to solutions that will allow them to meet the learner where they are.

Infor LMS is a completely mobile-enabled solution helping clients put the knowledge their employees need right at their fingertips. Whether they are on an iPhone, Tablet, iPad, Android, or Desktop, the responsive layout will automatically adjust for each device to allow a consistent experience across the board.

Stay Compliant

Laws change frequently which impact compliance issues. When this happens, Infor LMS will allow you to push new information and policies out to all your employees who are affected. Once read and understood, you’re provided with an audit trail. Given an audit, an LMS provides evidence that organizations have issued the proper compliance training. Infor LMS is untouchable in its flexibility, robust functionality, and how it addresses the needs of the Hospitality industry regarding compliance. We automate annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly compliance training and tracking across the entire organization. One lawsuit can cost millions of dollars; by leveraging Infor LMS, we seek to reduce the risk of fines and penalties.

Why Infor LMS for Hospitality?

When searching to replace or purchase an LMS, you’ll find hundreds to choose from. Its important you find a system flexible and comprehensive enough to meet all your training and compliance needs. The key differentiator of the Infor Learning Management platform it that it is more than just an LMS--we are a complete learning technology platform. It is the only learning management solution that natively encompasses all aspects of the learning process to empower you to accelerate creation, distribution, and reporting of learning and compliance content through an ALL-in-one, completely mobile-ready solution.

Abdul Kunert, Account Manager, Sales

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