Infor offers a Cloud solution for businesses operating in the field of equipment and rental services.

October 28, 2016
Infor CloudSuite™ Equipment Rental is now available for businesses wishing to improve their performance

Infor announces the release of Infor CloudSuite™ Equipment Rental, a ready-to-use cloud solution designed specifically to meet the needs of businesses operating in the field of equipment and rental services. The solution was designed to help businesses streamline their key processes, promote growth, increase efficiency, and maximise opportunities for innovation.

Infor CloudSuite Equipment Rental enables them to benefit from a real competitive advantage on the basis of improved profitability and, compared to traditional solutions, to minimise their initial investment costs. This solution also reduces the costs associated with payroll, thanks to the simple and flexible deployment options based on their growth, for example when they develop within new markets, carry out acquisitions or integrate new users. The system also supports their overall growth and improves agility by optimising rental fleets. Thus, by providing appropriate equipment at the right time and at the best price, this application allows them to focus on their customers and offer them a better service.

A series of features which allows for the addition of applications and for support in the development stage is built into the core of the solution. The latter is a turnkey solution including a preconfigured database and special features designed for each process. The specific features of Infor CloudSuite Equipment Rental, as well as the options provided by the Implementation Accelerators for faster deployment, allow Infor to offer a cloud solution unlike any other.

"Equipment businesses and rental services have to manage many component parts, whether their activities are on a local or international scale. It is therefore essential for them to be efficient and responsive at the right time. One way to achieve this is to improve the visibility of goods in order to assist in determining where the equipment is located, under what conditions, and to prevent potential problems. When designing the Infor CloudSuite Equipment Rental solution, we placed these constraints at the centre of our concerns", says Andreas Hellstrom, Senior Industry and Solution Strategy Director at Infor. "This solution incorporates the same cloud features and safety levels as other Infor CloudSuite solutions, but with additional business-specific features and the possibility of integrating with other key applications. Our goal was to offer a unique overview of the entire life cycle in order to increase efficiency and optimise cost management."

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