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Infor POS 3.0.18: What it Means for Hotel Organizations

July 2, 2019 By Robert Jones

The hotel industry is continuing to emphasize a frictionless experience for guests on every front. A big part of that experience is centered around point of sale transactions and payments.

With all of the disparate interactions that a guest will have during their stay, that experience should be consistent throughout. Equally important, transactions should be easily monitored and placed into a meaningful context.

How must a modern point of sale system such as ours help to support that?

Let’s take a look

Integration with Infor HMS (and other PMS)

Freedom of movement while staying at a property is the basis for a great guest experience. So is consistency; that when a guest is in the hotel restaurant, or in the hotel pantry, or orders a drink poolside, the way they experience food and beverage purchases should feel seamless to them. They should also be inclusive to all purchases when their stay comes to an end.

Infor POS allows for seamless integrations with Infor HMS, or other property management solutions. This newest feature builds on these values of free movement and seamlessness, creating an option for the guest to post charges to their rooms. That means that guests can attribute their restaurant purchases to their final bills for their stay and have a record of all expenses of that stay on a single receipt.

For expensing purposes for those travelling on business, this helps to cut down on the paperwork. It also presents a certain freedom for any guest to settle their bill from their perspective as one clean transaction, and not many. So, this isn’t just a payments solution. It adds positively to the guest experience, too.

Enhancing the guest experience with Infor Kiosk

Infor Kiosk has played an important role in all kinds of restaurant and food services contexts. These solutions play an important role in hotel spaces, too. Freedom of movement and continuity of the transaction process talked about above certainly plays into this. Additionally, a key value of emerging generations of hotel guests is about self-driven processes. Transactions that guests can manage at any time of day or night without necessarily involving staff members is an important expression of that.

Infor Kiosk is a vital extension of Infor POS, presenting the same room look-up guest folio functionality applied to a hotel food and beverage context. Integrated seamlessly with HMS, this helps to emphasize that same consistent experience and that sense of freedom mentioned earlier. For instance, applying small charges in hotel pantries for snacks to the total bill via kiosk empowers the guest to get what they need even if staff aren’t necessarily on the scene. This removes friction and creates a more welcoming environment.

What a point of sale solution should do for your organization

The greater benefits of an integrated point of sale for hotel food and beverage rests in the ability to get a clearer picture of who the guest really is from booking/reservation histories, to spending habits, dietary needs, dining preferences, and more. The hotels that can most easily identify and use this data can create customized offerings, discounts, communications, and generally help to foster a guest experience where their needs are not only met, but also anticipated.

Creating tighter integrations with HMS, streamlining operational efficiency, and making the buying process consistent and unfussy for the guest are important steps for hotel organizations as the industry continues to evolve. So are steps toward focused data collection and a greater emphasis on how all revenue sources and centers contribute to the whole picture to make strategies for growth more informed.

At its heart, these are the key functions that a POS system should provide for your hotel organization.

To learn more about Infor POS and how it serves the hotel industry, visit this page.

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