Infor POS (Formerly Halo POS) Client Success Starts with Our Staff [RE-POST]

May 17, 2019 By Robert Jones

A number of years ago, Infor POS went under another name – Halo POS. During those days, and continuing today, two of our staff led the way to developing the product to what our restaurant, food services, and hospitality customers need in a point of sale.

Here’s a re-post of the original blog entry that appeared in that earlier era, and featuring the profiles, points of view, and continuing dedication of two of our staff; Ron and Sunny.


Getting the most from your POS starts with our staff like Ron and Sunny. They lead the Implementation and Quality Assurance groups with whom every new client works.

Ron: helping restaurants succeed

Ron has nearly a quarter century in the restaurant industry to draw upon in helping our customers succeed. In 2001 as a chef, he got his Red Seal certificate and then in 2004 opened his first restaurant with Halo POS. Five years later Ron joined Vivonet [acquired by Infor in 2018].

Today, he is part owner of the same restaurant he started and leads our Implementation team. Asked why not just own a restaurant Ron said:

“The restaurant is all-consuming and I needed to find something that was a bit more manageable. I didn’t want to be a sales person selling restaurant supplies; I wanted to work somewhere to help restaurants succeed.”

When customers join us, they work with Ron’s team to set-up their menu and learn how to use Halo POS. It’s Ron’s experience that is incredibly helpful to customers when getting the most out of the system. Even Ron admits he doesn’t know absolutely everything about Halo but he knows the person that does, Sunny.

Sunny: we are a data insights company

Sunny is our Quality Assurance lead whose team tests every system before going out to clients. Ron describes Sunny as the guy who “knows the system end to end” and that whenever you speak with him, Sunny teaches you something new.

Sunny has a degree in Physics and Math. When you ask him to describe our company he says “we are not a POS system, we’re a data insights company.” It’s the data that is power and Ron agrees saying that “the role of a good POS system is to provide data that delivers insights to help the business know what’s selling and stop guessing.”

Sunny has been with us for six years and what makes him proud is seeing our company grow from being a start-up to a multi-million-dollar company whose system has been featured in the restaurant make-over for a Kitchen Nightmare episode, as well as being used at unique places like NASA.

Reporting is vital

Both Sunny and Ron agree that in order for clients to succeed, the one recommendation they have for new clients is to make time to review the reports on how the restaurant is performing in order to spot trends and continually improve the business.


A lot of time has passed since the Halo POS days. A lot has changed. But a lot has stayed the same, too.

Ron and Sunny are still helping Infor POS customers today. Also many of the principles they talked about here still apply. This is particularly relevant to using current business data to guide a business. When restaurants, food services, and hospitality organizations efficiently collect accurate POS data that can be actioned in the shortest period of time, that’s when businesses grow.

To learn more about what a progressive and scalable point of sale system should do for you, here’s a brief on 9 signs your POS system needs to be replaced.

Get your copy here.

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