Infor recognizes customers on Advisory Board’s list of most engaged workplaces in health care

July 25, 2017

The Advisory Board recently released its list of 20 ‘Workplace of the Year’ recipients and five ‘Workplace Transformation Award’ recipients for their success in driving employee engagement. These winners were selected because they demonstrated the highest levels of engagement within the Advisory Board Survey Solutions database, which offers organizations the opportunity to use survey solutions with their employees to determine success, change management, and leader-centric action plans.

Advisory Board defines ‘employee engagement’ as the extent to which individuals feel emotionally committed to their role and their organization. Once employees take the survey, they are put into categories (disengaged, ambivalent, content, or engaged).

We believe that workplace engagement within the healthcare industry is extremely important. Engaged healthcare staff can have a direct correlation with patient satisfaction and care outcomes. When an organization takes care of its workforce, resulting in happier employees with lower turnover rates and higher engagement with career path planning. Patients recognize when they are receiving care from nurses and physicians who have a positive attitude about their jobs and workplace. Overall engagement within a healthcare organization can result in happier employees and patients, but also greater financial reimbursement through higher HCAHPS scores. Solutions, such as Infor Talent Science, can align employees to the right position increasing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover too.

Here are our customers who are winners of “Workplace of the Year” Awards for employee engagement:

Cedars-Sinai (Los Angeles, CA)

CHOC Children’s (Orange, CA)

Community Medical Centers (Fresno, CA)

Hospital Sisters Health System (Springfield, IL)

Morris Hospital & Healthcare Centers (Morris, IL)

Orlando Health (Orlando, FL)

Palmetto Health (Columbia, SC)

Parkview Health (Fort Wayne, IN)

Scripps Health (San Diego, CA)

Valley Children’s Healthcare (Madera, CA)

Customers who are winners of the “Workplace Transformation Award” for improvements in employee engagement:

Hospital Sisters Health System (Springfield, IL)

Union Hospital (Terre Haute, IN)

Congratulations to our customers for this achievement. To learn more about our solutions for healthcare, visit our website.

What is your organization doing to improve engagement?

Tim Brown, Chief Business Information Officer
  • Healthcare
  • EMEA
  • North America
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