Infor Talent Science awarded for innovation in HR automation and software solutions

October 31, 2018

Infor Talent Science awarded for innovation in HR automation and software solutions

The Recruiting Software Initiative (RSI), a review board within The HR Policy Association, the leading organization representing over 380 Chief Human Resources Officers at the largest corporations in the United States, has awarded Infor (US) Talent Science with Badges of Excellence for Adaptability and Integration.

Talent acquisition leaders from nearly 20 HR Policy member companies convened at the beginning of 2018 to create the RSI Review Board to identify innovators of products and services that deserve consideration by Chief Human Resource Officers of large corporations. The Review Board is tasked with evaluating companies that offer solutions to enhance a company’s ability to attract, assess, hire and retain top talent.

The Review Board does not promote any one software solution over another, but instead assesses each solution through distinct lenses related to the application’s ability to adapt, mitigate unconscious bias, comply with labor regulations, exhibit successful integrations, justify outcomes, and demonstrate returns directly correlated to the vendor’s platform.

Badges of Excellence are awarded to recruiting solutions assessed by the RSI Review Board to those companies that have demonstrated innovative approaches to improving the ability of employers to identify, attract, evaluate, and retain critically important talent.

Infor was awarded two Badges of Excellence — one for Adaptability and another for Integration. By receiving a Badge of Excellence for Adaptability, the RSI Review Board felt Infor (US) demonstrated a comprehensive approach to how they produced reports, captured company data, and developed and adapted algorithms that produced quality outcomes. By receiving a Badge of Excellence for Integration, the RSI Review Board felt Infor (US) outlined a thorough approach to how they integrated into existing systems, captured historical and ongoing data, and outlined thoughtful implementation plans.

About Infor Talent Science

Infor Talent Science takes the guesswork out of hiring with a patented, cloud-based Predictive Talent Analytics and pre-employment testing solution. Candidates complete an assessment evaluating their behavioral, cultural, and cognitive preferences and the Infor Talent Science engine evaluates the candidate's responses with respect to a specified job profile.

By leveraging large quantities of behavioral and performance data, Talent Science helps users build career path strategies that contribute to the workforce's long-term engagement and development — all from a single behavioral assessment. With insights that can be customized into predictive models, users can better select, retain, and develop the right talent across the entire employee life cycle and, over time, completely transform their business.

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About the HR Policy Association
HR Policy Association is the lead organization representing Chief Human Resource Officers at major employers. The Association consists of over 380 of the largest corporations doing business in the United States and globally, and these employers are represented in the organization by their most senior human resource executive. Collectively, their companies employ more than 10 million employees in the United States, over nine percent of the private sector workforce, and 20 million employees worldwide. They have a combined market capitalization of more than $8 trillion. These senior corporate officers participate in the Association because of their commitment to improving the direction of human resource policy. Their objective is to use the combined power of the membership to act as a positive influence to better public policy, the HR marketplace, and the human resource profession.
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