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Infor unveils a new and more dynamic approach to its Business Intelligence offering

November 2, 2016
Infor M3 Analytics offers trade content by industry, as well as tools and services to accelerate profitability

Infor announces Infor M3 Analytics version 11.0, a business intelligence offering that allows users to optimise access to information and to make decisions as a result. Infor M3 Analytics is aimed at M3 users and is reliant on the Infor Business Intelligence (BI) shared technological component, which gives access to these same users with additional qualified resources to support their BI projects, while also offering new functionalities. Infor M3 Analytics offers trade content by industry, tools and services to accelerate business intelligence projects, enabling reduced costs and risks of implementation, while speeding profitability.

Infor M3 Analytics has been designed to add value by turning data into useful information, into trade-dedicated measurement tools and key performance indicators (KPIs), to offer companies the ability to improve how they manage their activities. By making these trade-dedicated measurement tools and KPIs available in a ready-to-use form, M3 Analytics allows users to become operational more quickly.

"We operate in industrial environments that are evolving quickly and which are strongly dependent on the expectations of consumers and market stakeholders, which can result in rapid changes and developments that are imperceptible. It is our intention to use Infor M3 Analytics to help us to identify trends and measure data, in order to anticipate our next actions. With Infor M3 Analytics, we have tools that have been designed specifically to meet our business needs and to move us forward, thanks to a more modern approach to BI", says John Sheehan, head of IT at Pelican Rouge. "The business data that we have at our disposal and that is associated with the Infor tools, will allow us to identify value-added information in order to make better decisions and to make those decisions more quickly."

As part of Infor's ERP leading solutions, Infor M3 has been optimised to help clients to take full advantage of their investment in the editor, revolving around the Infor BI shared technological component. By integrating Infor M3 with Infor Ming.le™ type tools, which drives corporate social collaborations, users have analytical tools at their disposal, which are integrated with Infor M3 functionalities such as orders, purchases or even invoicing, while delivering contextualised information and speeding up the decision-making process. The contribution of ‘drill-back' type functionalities within Infor M3 Analytics allows users to move directly from a piece of information to an Infor BI desktop, then to the correct functionality in Infor M3. The technical improvements brought to the schedule and the cubic conception which is associated with the new analytical features, along with the user interface changes, significantly improve the transmission of information and the final user experience. "In-memory" processing is also used to speed up the retrieval and presentation of the information.

"The close integration between M3 Analytics and Infor M3 offers clients a business intelligence that is contextualised, for faster decision-making processes, while the 'drill-back' type functionalities facilitate a fast implementation of changes within Infor M3. This is a unique level of functionality, which offers a measurable value that goes beyond what the competition is able to offer", explains Andrew Dalziel, Senior Director, Industry & Solution Strategy at Infor. "Infor M3 Analytics offers a tool that is able to optimise the functionalities of business intelligence and accelerate profitability."

This latest version of M3 Analytics is a new stage under the Infor Cloud strategy framework. Infor M3 Analytics will be available for deployment in a 'simple client' mode within Infor's CloudSuite™ solutions from October 2016.
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