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Information Blocking: An informed view

November 16, 2017

Recently we were fortunate to see the publication of another excellent blog from our very own Corey Spears, “Interoperability Beyond Barriers: Information blocking?”

I think a point made in the blog is that the data fluidity promise of open APIs, even standards based open APIs, can be understandably constrained by the business motivations of the app vendor—sometimes even by focusing too much attention on application integration. Of course, that needs to be considered, and while I applaud the movement toward more standard and open APIs, it is prudent to deploy an enterprise class interoperability platform to make sure that you can make the connections you need to make when you need to make them, and not rely solely on one vendor. And connections need to occur that help unlock the potential of patient data, connect disparate systems—inside and outside organizations—and focus on improving access for everyone to patient information.

The Cloverleaf Integration Suite leads the industry in enabling interoperability and we are excited to provide innovative capabilities as the industry rolls out APIs, open or otherwise. The Cloverleaf Integration Suite, as well as products like Clinical Bridge, the recently released Cloverleaf Consolidator, and the upcoming FHIR Bridge are intended to help unlock the data and enable communication between systems no matter what standard or mechanism, such as an API, the connected systems support. Our goal is to provide the means and the tools for providers to unlock, connect, and manage their data so that they can provide the best care with the systems they want to use and enable the patient to have access and use of their own data.

-Jerry Rankin, Industry Strategy Director, Healthcare Interoperability

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