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Infor's Q3 and Q4 MVPs

July 31, 2019

Our people are the backbone of Infor. They are the driving force of what makes us a great place to work. We recognize the high achievers, our MVPs, who have received distinction from their peers and customers, and have helped make Infor a world-class organization with their hard work and dedication. For Q3 and Q4 of the 2019 fiscal year, these were our most valuable players:


  • Sreenivasu Sripada, Team Lead, Cloud, India
  • Gabriel Angelo Mataro, IT Field Support Engineer, Philippines
  • Nander Speerstra, Linguist, Netherlands
  • Gi-an Maurin Santiago, Quality Assurance Analyst, Philippines
  • Andreas Wirth, Field Support, Germany


  • Crilley Cruz, IT Field Support, Philippines
  • Yaswanth Bokka, Cloud Consultant, India
  • Daryl Orros, IT Field Support, Philippines
  • Dawn Raup, Quality Assurance, US
  • Laura Henkey, Development, US

Our MVPs come from all corners of the globe, and they each bring diverse backgrounds, experiences, and interests. Most have families and kids, and playing sports, cooking, and gardening are just some of the things they enjoy outside of work. One consistent theme is how our MVPs feel about their colleagues; they all thank coworkers, managers, and others for contributing to their success.

Here is what they say about working at Infor:

“I love the process of relationship building across teams, within teams, and with clients and partners. Not only do you know who to go to for specific issues to get the job done, you get to know and work with some great people along the way!” — Dawn Raup

“I really love the work of our team, which includes members from Germany, Austria, Poland, and the UK. Everyone can trust and help each other at any time, and I think it is also really important that we have different cultures on board. We are ready as one team to get all problems solved and reach our goals.” — Andreas Wirth

“So many of our core values at Infor go hand-in-hand, and I truly believe that we cannot deliver one without the others. However, I definitely focus on results. There is nothing more satisfying than hearing that a customer is happy with what we delivered. Ultimately, for us to be successful, our customers must be successful.” — Laura Henkey

“I’m focused on quality in every trouble ticket I run into. I tend to always put myself into the end user’s shoes, and this attitude helps a lot with my sense of urgency. Helping becomes natural to the point that I didn’t even notice myself exerting effort after an end user claimed they were delighted by the results of my work and with each of the interactions.” — Gab Mataro

“I believe proper planning and organizing skills are required to do any kind of work, and that these skills help an individual grow in their career. So, I place more importance on planning before I proceed with any kind of work, and make sure that I improve my skills in whatever new technology comes my way. I believe that, big or small, everything that comes our way for work is a new opportunity to learn.” — Yaswanth Bokka

A great approach has led to great results for these Infor MVPs, and we’re proud to work with all of them.

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