Infor’s V-smart has been certified for use by meeScan

February 23, 2016

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Infor’s V-smart has been certified for use by the new and exciting patron self-service mobile app by meeScan.

Libraries can subscribe to the meeScan cloud service so their library patrons can download the meeScan app. The app allows the library’s patrons to self-checkout items on their own mobile devices by simply scanning the books with their phone or tablet. The checkout process connects to the libraries SIP2 server to perform transactions in real time according to the library’s policies. Deactivation of RFID or security tags is handled at the library exit via a deactivation device which knows which items should or shouldn’t be deactivated.

For more information on meeScan visit

For information on how to connect meeScan to your V-smart library system please contact your Infor sales representative.

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Manager - North American Sales and Operations

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