Inforum 2017 recap: Transformation through technology

August 1, 2017

I’m excited to offer you a recap of Inforum 2017, where I believe we had many great opportunities to engage with our customers, share some new innovations, and reflect on the exciting transformations Infor has achieved in the last year. There were many announcements shared during the general and industry sessions, and a major theme is that Infor continues to leverage technology to drive transformation and innovation across many industries, including healthcare. One of the ways Infor achieves this is through strategic partnerships that continue to enable us to be the best in the enterprise technology industry.

Here are some highlights from announcements made during Inforum:

  • Birst redefines analytics for the enterprise, and our recent acquisition of this product line now gives our CloudSuite users access to self-service analytics. The buzz from healthcare customers was palpable as they came to the Hub to take a deeper dive into this new offering.
  • Infor Coleman delivers artificial intelligence via our cloud offerings. A pervasive platform that operates below an application's surface, Coleman mines data and uses powerful machine learning to improve processes such as inventory management, transportation routing, and predictive maintenance; Coleman also provides AI-driven recommendations and advice to enable users to make smarter business decisions more quickly.
  • Infor Concierge offers a self-service tool for customers that serves as a single portal for all touch-points with Infor. Infor Concierge is a powerful self-service tool for customers that simplifies access to important sites, content, and resources within Infor. It is intuitive, with a modern look and feel, and is available 24 x 7 for no additional fee to all customers who are on a current Infor maintenance or subscription contract.

Healthcare highlights

The biggest takeaway I have from the Healthcare Industry session is that the healthcare marketplace is undergoing a period of disruption with movement toward value-based care. To meet the requirements of value-based care, we need to put the patient at the center of our strategies. The discussion was keynoted by Marc Perlman, Managing Director of Life Science and Healthcare at Deloitte, who talked about how technology is transforming healthcare to become more patient-centric. He discussed technology examples such as wearables, robotics, telemedicine and augmented reality.

Transformation allows healthcare organizations to exploit new efficiencies consistent with a changing environment in the areas of next generation talent, predictive supply chain and analytics, real-time financial planning, and process automation. To extend the topic that Marc addressed during his healthcare mainstage talk, we invited three cloud customers to join the discussion to talk about innovations within their organizations. I’d like to personally thank Ruger Russell, vice president of finance from Palos Health, Lisa Stump, senior vice president and CIO from Yale New Haven Health System, and Shafiq Rab, MD, senior vice president and CIO at Rush University Medical Center, for taking the time to talk about their Infor cloud experiences, and how they are using technology to transform their organizations.

I would be remiss in this summary if I didn’t mention CloudSuite Healthcare, a complete operational healthcare platform that can help transform your organization to gain efficiencies with your financials, human capital management, physician and patient engagement, supply chain management, and health information exchange. Our cloud solutions provide support for the entire continuum of care, and the great functionality included in CloudSuite Health contributes to the overall goal of better care, better patient outcomes and affordability.

Finally, I am proud to announce that two healthcare customers won Progress Makers Awards at Inforum this year. Congratulations to Reading Health System for receiving the Operational Excellence award and HealthlinkNY for receiving the Patient Satisfaction award. These customers received recognition for achieving exceptional results in business performance after implementing Infor applications.

Thank you again to our customers for attending this event and helping to make it a success with 7,000 attendees from 68 countries. We hope to see you next year in Washington D.C., September 24-27.

What were your takeaways from Inforum 2017? Please share your thoughts below.

- Mark Weber, SVP of Healthcare Development
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