Interoperability and the clinically connected healthcare operations platform

February 27, 2020 By Jerry Rankin

An Infor colleague, Chuck Whinney, recently penned the blog article “Move beyond traditional ERP to a healthcare operations platform” in which he discussed the value of a comprehensive and clinically connected healthcare operations platform.

That is a mouthful, but if it’s done correctly it can deliver enormous value.

Every ERP vendor, of course, will claim to be clinically connected. So, what questions can you ask to separate the hype from fact? Below are a few inquiries to consider.

Is the “bridge” or interface connecting clinical systems, such as an EHR to supply chain and finance, delivered as a bespoke implementation service, or is it a product?

One off implementation services often take additional time to build, are more brittle and susceptible to failure, are less performant, and can impede realizing full value from your ERP investment. Productized integration means that there is ongoing coordination of the ERP application, the interface design, and the EHR, and that the interfaces are optimized for performance and tested prior to release. Productized integration delivers value faster and more reliably than one off implementations. For example, Infor Clinical Bridge is a product and subject to the exacting product design and testing process required for product release.

Is it delivered as a managed service or is it an implementation project?

In contrast to a one-off implementation, integration as a managed service means that the expert implementers of the ERP vendor are responsible for the best practice initial integration, as well as, ongoing management and maintenance of that integration. Again, Infor Clinical Bridge is a managed integration service, meaning that Infor takes on the job of implementing and managing the connections between the EHR, finance, and supply chain.

Is the integration broad and deep or limited to a small handful of interfaces?

Many custom integrations stop after the first interface, such as item master. Infor’s Clinical Bridge, however, offers over a dozen adapters connecting supply chain, finance, point of use systems, and the EHR.

Is it based on a market leading integration foundation?

Looking to Infor solutions once more, Infor Clinical Bridge is based on Infor’s Cloverleaf Integration Suite, the healthcare markets’ leading integration platform, offering unparalleled scalability, reliability, and security.

– Jerry Rankin, Strategy Director for Clinical Interoperability, Infor Healthcare

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