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Introducing Cloverleaf Consolidator for fast, cost-effective data acquisition and aggregation

October 3, 2017

You may have heard some of my Infor colleagues talk about our attention to the Triple Aim at Infor that keeps all of us focused on cost, quality, and outcomes. We’ve recently been taking that one step further to encompass what we call the Quadruple Aim of Healthcare—addressing cost, outcomes, patient satisfaction, and provider, employee and patient engagement—and achieving overall digital transformation. Some of the important work that we do while focusing on the Quadruple Aim is that we keep clinical interoperability top of mind, which means we must always think about working toward integrating all the patient information available to healthcare systems both within and beyond the four walls of a hospital. We already offer an integration engine that helps healthcare organizations accomplish this—the Infor Cloverleaf Integration Suite.

Today, I’m excited to announce the introduction of Infor Cloverleaf Consolidator, which was built to support interoperability and now delivers a fast, cost effective solution for healthcare organizations to aggregate key clinical information from multiple sources to facilitate interoperability and care coordination, power health analytics, and extend legacy system data to support mobile applications and digital transformation.

Infor Cloverleaf Consolidator is a clinical data repository and clinical document aggregation engine for Infor Cloverleaf users that enables data aggregation and interoperability in a multi-EHR integrated vendor network. The solution helps healthcare organizations avoid the cost, time, and pain of implementing traditional health information exchange solutions by extending Infor Cloverleaf. Infor Cloverleaf Consolidator ingests HL7 and CCD data from multiple sources and summarizes that data into a single patient record. It eases interoperability by providing industry standard clinical summaries of this data (CCDA) and provides standardized, patient centric data from a single source, simplifying data governance and reducing ETL workload to access data for analytics.

Specific benefits of Cloverleaf Consolidator
• Realizes more analytic value from your data with a consolidated data set that resolves patient identity from across multiple systems
• Sets up ETL and data governance for one source, vs. multiple times for multiple systems
• Extracts data to a data mart
• Extends legacy systems data into your digital ecosystems
• Exposes aggregated data via FHIR or other web services transactions
• Can provide a FHIR server

To learn more about Cloverleaf Consolidator, please read our press release.

- Jerry Rankin, Industry Strategy Director, Healthcare Interoperability
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