Keeping up the momentum with Cloverleaf 19.1

February 7, 2019 By Jerry Rankin

With the upcoming release of Cloverleaf Integration Services 19.1, Infor continues its pace and focus on the importance of interoperability, and our investment in the Infor Cloverleaf Suite. We are going to be demonstrating what that means for those working in healthcare, every day, at this year’s HIMSS.

Cloverleaf is the foundation of Infor’s work in helping healthcare make the shift to an Application Programming Interface (API) driven world. In 2018, we released Cloverleaf API Gateway and an update of Cloverleaf FHIR Bridge. The newest iteration of Infor Cloverleaf Integration Services, to be released this winter, will help healthcare organizations, health information exchanges (HIEs), medical device manufacturers, and hospital information system vendors handle their most complex integration and information exchange challenges.

It’s through this kind of innovation in data liquidity that healthcare will make the transition to meet the demands of healthcare consumerism and value based care and payments. Although it is a technology, it is really all about innovating for increased patient satisfaction.

What’s next? The next generation of our Cloverleaf cloud offering, with Cloverleaf managed in the Infor Labs AWS environment, will be available in the coming months. The technical innovations include:

  • Expanded flexibility and ease of use with support for scripting in Python and JavaScript
  • Faster and easier interface development with the Script Debugger
  • Enhancements in orchestration with the Distributed Transaction Controller
  • Continued investment in security with Security Audit Tool and security administrator control over Remote Commands
  • Continued API enablement of Cloverleaf, including connecting to Infor OS
  • Ongoing adaptation of Cloverleaf for deployment in the Infor AWS Cloud.
  • Ongoing support for Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) standard through STU3 with support for FHIR R4 to be released early this spring.

We hope you will be joining us at this year’s HIMSS, where Infor will have a big presence. To schedule your demonstrations or other face-to-face meetings, visit our HIMSS page, here. See you Orlando!

Jerry Rankin, Industry Strategy Director, Interoperability, Infor

  • Healthcare
  • Cloverleaf Integration Suite for clinical interoperability
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