Latest Cloverleaf Release, Paving the Way for API Interoperability

January 17, 2017

Cloverleaf’s native JSON and FHIR support coupled with Infor leadership in improving the FHIR Standard will usher in a new world of interoperability enabled by APIs.

Corey Spears, Director of Healthcare Interoperability Standards

The world of healthcare interoperability is changing. Every day we hear news about emerging projects and new developments using APIs, or Application Program Interfaces. Infor continues to be on the forefront of these developments in healthcare interoperability.

Our Cloverleaf Integration Suite has long supported interoperability through web based APIs, but now, with the release of the Cloverleaf 6.2, it natively supports the newest web protocols used by many of today’s top clinical system vendors like Epic and Cerner as well as top technology firms like Google, Amazon, and Facebook. This latest release of Cloverleaf now has native support for exchanging JSON data objects communicated through REST-based web services. On top of that, we developed JSON schemas for the HL7 FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard and included them directly in the engine. With native support for the FHIR standard, anyone using the latest release will be able to pull up the definition of any and all FHIR artifacts, called resources, and build their own interfaces with the tools included right in the engine.

This new capability will allow Cloverleaf customers to connect and integrate data from a dizzying array of applications and data sources including back-office applications (e.g. ERP), smart phone apps, patient-generated health data from home monitors and wearables, and EHR systems, which are quickly ramping up their support of the FHIR standard. And of course, Cloverleaf still continues to support many different protocols and standards that you can translate your FHIR based interfaces to and from. Cloverleaf can even be used to “FHIR-enable” your legacy applications or augment the FHIR capabilities of your more up-to-date systems.

While Cloverleaf’s native FHIR support is great, that is not where our work with FHIR stops. No, we are actively involved in the development and targeting areas where the specification can still use some improvement.

Late last year I proposed a track for the upcoming HL7 FHIR Connectathon to test out data subscription and synchronization using FHIR. The FHIR Connectathon is an event where many vendors and interested parties get together to test out the standard, gain implementation experience, and further inform its development. My proposal was accepted and I had the pleasure of leading this track at the Connectathon this past weekend. We are really excited about this latest release of Cloverleaf and the Connectathon provided us a great opportunity to put our FHIR support to the test and the subscription track, in particular, enabled us to really challenge ourselves by exercising a rather nascent, but appealing part of the standard. I am happy to report that Cloverleaf did not disappoint. We were able to test out all of the scenarios successfully and it went smoothly thanks to the power and flexibility of the Cloverleaf engine.

Interested in FHIR and starting to get your systems interoperating through APIs? Upgrade to Cloverleaf 6.2 and the Web Services Adapter to get the benefit of native JSON and FHIR support today.
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