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June 1, 2018

Today’s L&D professionals are very important to the organization. Per the “LinkedIn Learning Workplace Learning Report 2018,” 90% of executives say L&D is a necessary component and important to leadership. The study also shows big growth from last year in online training/eLearning for both content created in-house (58% to 71%) and bought from external providers (49% to 67%). So, what does this mean to CLOs, Directors of Learning, and their teams?

It means there must be a better way! With content needs changing so quickly, the enterprise needs an LMS that can speed up the creation and purchase of eLearning. There is growth in just-in-time learning and microlearning with improved employee experience from engaging content. Infor LMS has the tools to speed up the creation and purchase of content with a built-in Content Creator Cloud Edition (CCCE) and Marketplace.

First, consider the ease of having a built-in content creation tool. All your learning assets (videos, pictures, logos, PowerPoints, etc.) are hosted on the platform for easy access. That means less time trying to find the company-specific content for your custom eLearning. This also eliminates the process of downloading courses to SCORM and uploading to the LMS. It eliminates the errors, testing, and aggravation that goes with this process. The business unit SMEs can quickly approve the courses within the LMS.

Second, consider making changes to your courses quickly. When you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of courses built by designers spread across the map, it can be very challenging to make a broad change. What if you changed your logo? How would you make all those changes? You’d need to go into each course and replace the old logo with the new one. That takes a LOT of time. With Infor LMS you can replace the logo in ALL the courses within the repository. That takes just a few seconds.

Lastly, consider purchasing your content from providers such as JJ Keller and RedVector for safety, as an example. Now your administrator needs to find, purchase, download, upload to the LMS, test, and assign to learners. The Marketplace makes this process seamless. Just find the course and assign it. Choose from the entire OpenSesame.com or LinkedIn Learning catalog.

Learning and development teams are under a lot of pressure to create, find, and distribute awesome content. Infor LMS is making this faster, easier, and gives back time to the L&D teams to be creative and have fun doing what they love – educating. That’s “Learning, Your Way” fast. Click here to learn more about Infor Learning Management.

Curt Cavins, Sr. Account Manager, Sales, Infor

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