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Learning Flexibility Through Product Innovation

September 11, 2017

Some of the more common questions we hear from human resources professionals are “How well does your product scale? How easy is it for both administrators and users? How flexible is it across devices and platforms?” As learning management systems become more common to grow employee engagement, increase retention, and create internal mobility, the need for tools that are easy to use and easy to access has become critical when choosing a new learning management platform.

Most learning management systems don’t scale well from internal to external audiences. They don’t make it easy to view information on a desktop computer at work, a mobile phone on the go, or on a tablet at home. Those same limitations frustrate administrators, making engagement with their own tools more difficult than it should be.

Infor Learning Management has been a market leader in providing cutting-edge learning tools for customers; however, we knew we could do more – and in response to feedback and needs we have heard from our customers around the world, we have made the switch to HTML5 throughout Infor’s entire learning management system. This encompasses not just software, but the user experience for the learner, manager, and system administrator. Perhaps the most exciting change is that the Infor content development tool is fully HTML 5 compatible, enabling authors to develop content on any device. This exciting change makes it possible for us to provide industry-leading ease of use, access, and engagement in our tools with no change in cost, software, or accessibility for our customers.

HTML5 is a system-, software-, and browser-agnostic coding tool that allows Infor Learning Management to work on any device, any current browser, and any operating system. As Infor Learning Management is web-based, there are no apps to upgrade, and no device compatibility issues to troubleshoot. HTML5 also allows for “on the fly” adaptability from one device to the other – meaning you can start working on a course on your desktop, switch to your tablet, and then pick back up on your laptop, and the user interface and experience will automatically scale to best fit your device. This extends to system administrators as well, allowing for easy access to manage, schedule, or even post learning courses from any device.

These changes will decrease the need for internal and external support, allow administrators to post content more easily, and efficiently increase employee engagement by providing user experiences tailored by device. This combination of ease of use and ease of access will increase engagement both internally and externally, and lead to a more efficient, effective, and utilized learning management system.

Get the full story on Infor’s world-class learning platform at Infor Learning Management.

Adam Sensoy, Solution Consultant, Infor, and Leo Mezbizer, Solution Consultant, Infor

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