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Leverage clinically connected care with location-based intelligence

February 11, 2020 By Shane Waslaski

The past week marks a major milestone for the team at Intelligent InSites. Our team has officially joined the Infor family and couldn’t be more excited. As Infor Location Based Intelligence, our capabilities and firepower exponentially increase to drive even more value for our customers, and to further transform the market.

It is our combined vision to leverage clinically connected and location-based intelligence capabilities to link business-focused software to the caregiving process.


Let’s start with a few simple examples. Nurses have come to consider time spent making phone calls, in search of an IV pump or open beds, a normal and necessary part of their jobs. Patients are accustomed to arriving 15 to 30 minutes early for appointments with the belief it will help them see their caregiver as scheduled. Why? We’ve neglected to take this big, complex system and break it down into its smaller parts, allowing us to both acknowledge and understand what is happening at each point of care—impacting processes, outcomes, and experiences.

In these examples and many others, a positive result is often dependent on the convergence of caregivers, technicians, supporting staff, supplies, medical equipment, available exam spaces, and technology systems. How does this happen efficiently? Enter location-based intelligence.

Location-based intelligence provides visibility into each of these moments at the point of care to answer the who, what, and where:

  • Asset Tracking—How do you find a wound vac needed for patient care? With location-based intelligence, instead of searching from floor to floor or making a series of phone calls, equipment is quickly found at a glance. Equipment needed for preventative maintenance or recall management is easily located with the click of a button.

  • Supply Chain—How do you know if your PAR-monitored locations are over PAR, under PAR or out of stock? With location-based intelligence, you can quickly validate inventory levels for proactive replenishment. Condition-sensitive devices and spaces can also be easily monitored for temperature, CO2, and humidity levels. Manually monitoring each of these areas takes time—time away from patient care.

  • Care Coordination—How do you know which patient needs to be seen next? With location-based intelligence, you’ll have real-time visibility into each stage of patient care, and caregivers will know who to see and where to go next. Knowing if the patient is in the room and who they are with improves communication across the entire care team.

  • Patient Flow—How long have your patients been waiting? Understanding the amount of time patients spend in each stage of care allows you to better align resources, get ahead of bottlenecks and improve experiences for both patients and staff.

  • Workplace Safety—How do staff find team members in distress or in need of assistance? You can easily identify the team member—and their location—with location-based intelligence.

The power of location-based intelligence, combined with Infor’s existing capabilities in finance, supply chain, and human capital management, creates unparalleled actionable data that can be leveraged for smarter, in-the-moment decision making and to identify pivotal moments for transformational improvements.

The opportunity to more deeply connect the business of healthcare with the mission of healthcare through location-based intelligence is here. We are excited and look forward to helping health systems leverage this technology to transform their operations and experiences.

– Shane Waslaski, General Manager, Infor Location Based Intelligence

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