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Leveraging Talent Science across the talent life cycle maximizes results

September 18, 2017

Infor Talent Science utilizes a patented approach to provide clients a high degree of predictability. This drives top and bottom line improvements from a talent acquisition perspective, but is there more that can be done to maximize business outcomes beyond hiring? Absolutely.

Rather than having multiple assessments available for usage across a multitude of positions, which would require constant re-validation, maintenance, and item support, Infor Talent Science uses one standard assessment battery. The assessment measures the same comprehensive set of behavioral, cultural, and cognitive characteristics (Behavioral DNA®) from all candidates, regardless of the position that they are applying for, with a single assessment instrument. Infor Talent Science then compares the candidate’s measurements against a model that is uniquely created and validated for each position (“Performance Profile”).

By understanding who the candidate is as an individual with a single assessment, Talent Science goes beyond hiring and leverages the Behavioral DNA results to onboard, coach/develop, and plan for the next promotional opportunity (succession).

When a candidate is selected to join the organization, content is generated to help acclimate the new hire in to the organization smoothly. Studies have shown a significant risk of turnover within the first 90 days. Behavioral onboarding content is delivered for both the new hire and manager to help socialize the new hire in to the organization smoothly and ultimately reduce potential early flight risk.

Once established in the role, the system generates coaching/development content that is easy to use and designed to enhance employee engagement. An example came from a client who utilized optimized behavioral coaching/development vs. traditional coaching. The result was 44% lower turnover and over $400,000 in additional bottom-line savings beyond talent acquisition. Other results show stronger engagement with the workforce improves retention as tenure increases.

Infor Talent Science also career paths for succession. Because an individual’s Behavioral DNA is captured through a single assessment, it can be compared to any number of custom Performance Profiles, both vertically and horizontally within the company. In this way, high potential employees can be identified early in their tenure. The system creates coaching/development content to prepare and strengthen in advance of the next promotional role.

The holistic approach leveraging Talent Science across the talent lifecycle is further enhanced with the Infor acquisition of Birst. Birst enables world class Talent Science reporting capabilities and business analytics to create a comprehensive approach to our client’s talent management initiatives. Stay tuned for further cutting-edge enhancements to be released around the upcoming HR Technology conference in October.

Delve into more customer stories that support the Talent Science methodology here.

Billy Lewis, Sales Director, Infor Talent Science

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