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Managing recalls just got easier

October 30, 2018 By Cory Turner

97 percent. That’s how much FDA recall counts increased over a 10-year period, according to the Medical Device Recall Report. What’s more, Class 1 recalls went from 1 percent in 2003, to 5 percent by the end of 2012.

To manage what could be increasing risk and liability, Infor recently finalized a partnership with the National Recall Alert Center (NRAC). NRAC and Infor are adding exciting functionality to Infor Recall Management, including automatically matching their recall notices to your system. This matching process effectively eliminates any non-related recalls, while also pinpointing exactly where to find the recalled items. It even identifies the person or persons who needs to respond to the recall.

In a recent presentation on Infor Recall Management I talked about how important it is to integrate recall notices into the supply chain’s MMIS systems. Essentially, it creates end-to-end recall management. This ensures nothing is missed by giving healthcare providers the information they need to identify, locate, and remove unsafe products—from food to medical equipment. Here are the highlights of Infor Recall Management:

  • It provides insights into where a specific recall notice impacts care areas, and, as importantly, eliminates which recalls do not impact your organization
  • By connecting specific user tasks to a recall notice, Infor Recall Management helps organizations ensure that the correct process is being followed
  • Provides a closed loop recall solution that saves times, enhances accountability and accuracy, and reduces risk

This is all done from a central point of access. Recall Management in CloudSuite Financials and Supply Management, is part of a single source code that is natively connected with other Infor Healthcare applications. Thus, we can leverage item, location, user and purchase order history data to create extremely accurate recall notices without manual searches or data exports.

At Inforum last month, we announced an upcoming release of a Value Analysis solution within the Recall Management and Supplier Portal applications, which is a process to determine whether a new item request should be added to the system. It includes:

  • Tailored item questions for suppliers
  • Item approval process flow
  • Assigned user tasks (replace item, create bin for new item, etc.)
  • Contract creation on new items that can be added directly to item master

Here are a few things you’ll gain the following from this new offering:

  • Single, standardized enterprise-wide recall management process
  • Streamlined identification of impacted product or equipment
  • Simplified workflow and documentation
  • Time saved by tying activities in Infor to the recall management process

As healthcare becomes more complex, Infor Recall Management streamlines and simplifies the supply chain. For more information on how it can help providers quickly and easily identify, recover, and properly dispose of recalled items to help minimize patient impact and reduce risk and liability for the organization visit this page. Click here to learn more about our approach to supply chain management. In the end, it’s not only about making jobs easier, but keeping patients safe and satisfied.

-Cory Turner, Supply Chain Strategy Director

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